Glory in Our Sufferings

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Paul in the Bible said that the Apostles of the faith gloried in their sufferings, afflictions, insults, and hardships. Do you anyone with that mentality? That has a soft heart and still loves God passionately, even though - they may have been through hell. Today's church members seem to glorify in blessings (what they do not realize is that the world does as well - making it hard for to distinguish between the two). What do you glory in? The works of faith God does in you, through, and around you...or the works you wrought with the 'many proverbial talents' God has given you?



I agree. Biblical meekness is a rarity these days. Understandable considering the English dictionary basically defines meekness as nothing short of weakness which is completely off base. The modern church is full of bold personalities in every denomination and / or belief system. Maybe an in depth study on meekness is in order?


Maybe glorying in sufferings is an Apostle-specific gift. Though I am certain that there are people who will not call that a gift at all, as in the Apostles day. Either way, the Bible calls is honorable and noble to suffer for Christ and that when we do, we should entrust it to Him who is faithful. (The Bible also calls it commendable - as in it gets God's attention) It may not be a teaching Naz because it is a mature teaching. Someone has to be mature enough to distinguish between suffering for sin and suffering for righteousness, and if God puts a seal of approval on you - your life then on maybe littered with known and unknown sufferings for Christ.


I think you have to be careful how you interpret 'glorying in your sufferings'.

I think Paul meant suffering you get as a result of being a believer. In other words persecution, insults, people hating you. I don't think he was talking about things like wanting a good case of cancer or a major health problem so you can 'glory in your sufferings'. By the way I'm not saying you can't find strength in God if you are sick. I'm just saying the sufferings we glory in are more in relation to our faith and not in other kinds of suffering.

I really don't see a problem in glorying in blessings though. God blesses his people. Many people in the Bible were blessed. Nothing wrong with that. Long as you're not glorying in decadent blessings that makes life all about you and your 'stuff'. It's just a matter of balance. I glory in the fact that God has given me food, shelter and many other blessings.

Also there are some sufferings people bring on themselves. Some people are broke or in debt of their own stupidity. Some people would look at their financial mess and 'glory in their sufferings' instead of saving money and being wise with their money.

Some people suffer in their bodily health and mental health because they don't take care of themselves. That is certainly not something to glory in either.



I extended it to mean that a man like Jerry Falwell, who had said things and set storms with his tongue - could not walk into Vegas and just take a vacation. Sometimes the work you do spiritually and the legacy you leave goes with you and people are funny how they express persecution.

In this dark age, people ripping a server or hijacking email or following you around slashing your tires are things that happen. Often, because you left a legacy. Billy Graham, though I do not agree with all he did had a group of people at his meetings that were just trashing the event. They staged protest and generally disturbed the mood of his events.

So yeah, I agree we glory in our sufferings FOR CHRIST. But the point has to be made that if you do the right thing, you would be suprised at what all is persecution.

And to add to it, people have gone into debt doing the right thing. That was more common in past generations with people who played fairly in the business place, and was mentioned about one the churches in Paul's epistles.

I'll also add that in Ecclisiastes, Solomon called the house of mourning better than the house of mirth. He, in Ecclisiastes, adds that mourning was the natural state and not jubilation. The point I wanted to make was that I don't preach that the Cross is all suffering (His burden is light and yoke easy), but people in these next few years are going to be blown away by the amount of longsuffering that it may require to survive in one peace, and it is something many of them were not taught about.

The Bible says Jacob was a man acquainted with suffering and also that MANY are the afflictions of the righteous, and Paul closes by saying 'The godly in Christ will be persecuted'.

I don't go looking for suffering, but I weather storms and retain faith, learn my lesson and increase in righteousness. This church of sweet things needs to be taken to Basic Training and sent through some excercises. For every Solomon or Job who was blessed thoroughly, there are handfuls of servants who labored and suffered for Christ and the church misses that wisdom.

Dec 24, 2008
Our main glory is in God and in His wonderful Son, Jesus Christ.

The Word says that all who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer some persecution......mainly cause the adversary will find some dumbbell somewhere. They are the "thorns in the flesh", the messengers of satan sent to buffet the ministry of God's elect, to obstruct the move of God's Word.

The reason we glory at all times -- good or bad , is because we are Word-conditioned, not circumstance-controlled.

We know we are "more than conquerors" in every situation [Romans 8:37].
We know we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us [Philippians 4:13]
We know that nothing can separate us from the love of God [Romans 8:39]

Why not glory??..............We've got eternal life !!!
1 Corinthians 15:58 is another good's God's Word people !!

Bless you,
Sep 4, 2012
Does reason and logic (is discernment possible without them ?) dictate that one cannot know the fake without having first discerned and experienced the authentic ? ...

Those who have experienced as much ... come forward with your knowledge of an authentic prophet today ... the who and where information ... please and thanks in advance :)
No because one can discern a fake via the spirit.

Define what an authentic prophet is.