Is asking for prayer selfish?

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I feel selfish when I ask for others to pray for me most of the time. I know that I shouldn't, because God gave us a body of believers to be there for each other, and to pray for each other. But I can't help but think that there are other people who need prayer more than I do, or that what I think I might need prayer for is a really trivial matter compared to others who are in much more desperate situations that I am. But still, I just can't help feel selfish about asking for prayer for myself, and usually I'll end up not asking anyone.

Are there any verses that can reassure me that it's okay to ask for prayer from fellow believers? I feel like if I knew of some times in the Bible where God says to not be afraid to ask for prayer that maybe it will help.

And is there anyone else who feels this way? Or is it just me?


Be optimistic always or hopeful in what you are asking from others. Never considered it a selfish desire 'cause some Christians (like me) had these thoughts that it is through helping that we also receive help and great blessings. We really cannot tell what will happen to us the next day. Just make your motives (in asking for prayers) pure; for the Bible said: "YOU DO NOT HAVE WHAT YOU WANT BECAUSE YOU DO NOT ASK GOD FOR IT. And when you ask, you do not receive it, because your motives are bad..." James 4:2b-3 (TEV)

I am always willing to pray for the needs and requests of others 'cause it is through their dire needs that I realize the importance of God. I receive answers to my own prayers too...

God bless!


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Apr 20, 2009
I understand, but prayers are to glorify God through the care and love of others in Jesus.
No, it is not selfish, every prayer is a praise to God!
Praying you will be given all you need in Jesus!

God bless.


I think when we pray that we Glorify God by putting our trust in HIM and giving HIM control of our lives. therefore we should not only ask for prayer but to pray for others. Sometimes if you ask for people to help you it makes their faith stronger and they feel more connected to God by praying with you and you praying with them. We are not to forsake the fellowship of believers. :)

Dear God Give our sister the answers she seeks through the words of Your Holy BIble. IN Jesus name we pray. amen


No it is not selfish to ask for prayer for yourself. The apostle Paul writes:

"Brothers, pray for us." in 1 Thessalonians 5:25

and also

"I appeal to you, brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to strive together with me in your prayers to God on my behalf," in Romans 15:30 (

Also nothing is too small to pray about.
If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. John 15:7ESV



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Oct 25, 2014
Short answer: No.

Long answer:
James 5:16 - Confess [your] faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
1 Timothy 2:1 - I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, [and] giving of thanks, be made for all men;

<3 Praying for you.
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Jul 15, 2014
The op wrote this in 2011. Long ago.