Prayers for my fiance and his mother

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Senior Member
Jan 19, 2009
My fiance has phoned his mam everyday for 7 years since her husband died in 2009. But since my fiance stroke he finds his mother very dominating at times. She is lonely, but we have tried in vain to get her to join groups of her age, I've even mentioned about someone visiting her or a phone call service, but she declines all the help we try to help her with.

Just Recently my fiance went down to paint her gates, she was very over the top and kept saying it's time for him to go home, my fiance likes to do a proper job, he's slowed down himself due to the stroke he had last September, but if only she would stop annoying him.

when he got home he was shattered, he went to bed early, I turned off the phone so that his mother didn't disturb him. She rang the next day and was very instant that he rang her, she doesn't have a clue on. how he needs space. Its got to the stage where my fiance actually told her for the first time that he needed a break from the phone calls. It was the first time my fiance realised how much she affects his health. I thank God for speaking up to her.

He needs a break, he has felt for years like he's on a timer to ring his mother. I pray for her loniness and that her ideas of of us for a while. it's to much and we both need a break. Father please show My fiance that he has to think for himself. Amen


Senior Member
Jul 2, 2013
Lord let you please hear our prayers, and bless Hapyface's fiance, and mom, Lord please bless them, in Jesus name, Amen!