Request for Doctor appointment to go well

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Junior Member
Jul 7, 2017

I have a very important phone consultation with the doctor tomorrow morning. I have been suffering with mental health problems for a long time now. My online counsellor has an opinion on a diagnosis of two mental health disorders or a combination of both, but herself cant prescribe me medication as we live in different countries.
The main aim of tomorrows phone call with the doctor is to get a referral to a psychiatrist and in the meantime to get medication for the symptoms I will describe to her; this is so important as I've known for a while I have a chemical imbalance and my ability to function normally in everyday life has been crippled. Then my hope is to have a meeting or two with a psychiatrist who can then consult with my online counsellor so both can prescribe medication most fitting for my symptoms.
I am not very good over the phone and usually shy away, but I cant this time because I desperately need relief. All the doctor needs to understand are the facts of what I am suffering with.


Senior Member
Oct 25, 2014
May God relieve Jason from any worry and teach him what to say. And the doctor be provided with patience, listening skills, understanding and wisdom to prescribe the right medication that will help Jason feel well again. Amen in Jesus' name


Senior Member
Jul 2, 2013
Lord bless Jason_K, and this prayer request, Lord touch and heal him from mental health problems, Lord please heal and bless, in Jesus loving name, Amen!
Jul 7, 2017
@levi85 @SoulWeaver Thank you both very much for your prayers, although that appointment didn't go as I hoped (I wasn't prescribed medication) I did get a referral to a psychiatrist, but in the public health system, which could take months or years. My plan is to call back and ask for another doctor who I can give a detailed list of symptoms that need treating right now and also to get that referral letter sent to a private psychiatrist who could see me sooner. It might cost more money but my peace of mind is most important:)


Well-known member
Feb 9, 2019
"Let us pray to understand, this situation is baffling, merely by words on a page, as it would
appear to be highly unlikely anyone could or would attempt to prescribe any medication from
words on a page from a stranger. Let us pray to understand, a mental issue should be under
supervision by a trained individual in person, so long as one feels a real need for a serious evaluation.
Let us pray you are directed in the correct path to follow."
'Praise God'

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