Tests results yield no explanation ....need more prayer

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Senior Member
Mar 24, 2013
I am asking again for prayer for my daughter. She just had a series of tests to determine why her body is failing her. She had these test MRI's four years ago and now again last week. This time she had an additional 2 MRI's compared to 4 years ago.

To our astonishment we were once again told that she has nothing abnormal about her. Appears to be healthy.

She is not healthy and is on many pills along with narcotics for pain just to function. She was told that since nothing can be seen on film that the neurologist can't and won't help her with pain management. Go somewhere else, so we are.

So here is specifically what I am asking of anyone who reads this:

Pray to God for her not only to embrace Jesus. I had asked for that last week. A while ago I asked her to tell me when and if she does. I know as we all do here on CC that no life is living esp. a life in constant pain unless your walking with Jesus.

Pray for her not to get depressed, it's harder for me to up lift her daily if she goes into a down hill spiral.

Most importantly pray that after she receives Jesus, that her pain be taken away and if not that she will be able to have the pain meds she needs to live the best quality of life she can. Also please pray she is no longer treated with suspicion of being a drug addict. Because of her age and she looks younger, 25, she's never drinks or smoked.

Thank you if you prayed


Food sustains and maintains energy and ability to function and to keep one alive. What if nothing she is eating, or getting rid of the food, then she should go to another Dr. for tests to save her life. praying that the Lord will lead to go further to bring healing, for by his stripes we are healed, and he uses others to bring that healing, if there is no relationship with Christ in her, wrap your arms around her and tell her how much you love her and want her to live, and be well, and to pray with you, if two agree in Jesus name it shall be done, it seems there's a gap of something between the both of you. Let the light of the Lord reveal the cause of this infirmity Jesus asking thee. amen


I'm so sorry to hear this. I can very much relate!! I don't have to take pain meds. But do have undiagnosed illness and pain. I'm praying deeply for you and your daughter! I pray Jesus with fill her heart and mind!! That he will heal her body! And uplift you both!!

"And the people, when they knew it, followed him: and he received them, and spoke unto them of the kingdom of God, and healed them that had need of healing."

[LUKE 9:11]


There is an illness called fibromyalgia which you might want to investigate. The only reason I speak of this is that my daughter suffers from this and an associated illness called ME in my country and CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) in yours. A diagnosis method is rule out everything else which might cause the problem, and then carefully change lifestyle and treatments until the right pattern is found. Fibromyalgia affects the whole body. It just sounds a bit like what h.

A positive thing - my daughter is largely recovered through a combination of lifestyle and diet changes, and appropriate drug therapies. She has always been a Christian, and regards the help she has received from her doctors and those around her to be a gift from God.

Lord, I pray for this situation, that the right doctors and diagnosis might be found, and a pattern of treatment found that improves the situation. Amen.


Senior Member
Apr 20, 2009
HUge hugs to your both, Im so sorry.
All needed is in my prayers in Jesus's name, for a good dr, diagnosis, treatment and peace in Jesus.

Hugs and God bless


Agree with SteveM that you should try to find out if she has fibro.
Also, look around for places that deal with these kinds of things ("invisible" conditions).

PS!: Painkillers used in large amounts over a long time, even if needed when used, can switch around to cause pain.


Senior Member
Mar 24, 2013
Thank you all for your help.


I have a friend who was diagnosed with fibro I will check into this one immediately. Thank you for prayers.

it seems there's a gap of something between the both of you.
Jkalyna....here is the weird problem ....God's healing is between us.

I have a health issue that they say she does not and I had much pain with it. The main symptom for me was pain. Two years ago God spoke to me and told me I was cured of the pain with my illness. For almost 2 years now I have not had to take pain meds, but she does and the same kind I took.

I believe I made a mistake in telling my family about what God did for me. Because my daughter has an issue with a God that would heal me and not her. After all she has never done drugs, drank or smoke. Nothing to dishonor her body, and exercises.

I on the other hand was selfish and smoked during my pregnancies. I wanted to stop but was weak and now seeing it as very selfish and now I have ruined her life.

I will admit that God did something very early in my life which helped me with the loss of my mother and why I sought him more and more and why I took my children to church. She was the child who hated church and wanted nothing to do with it. I thought this was because her father let her get away with it. She stopped going with me and has never been impressed with my stories of God even before she became ill.

So when I speak about God, she has said, "Well that's great for you mom that God healed you, but he is not doing anything for me."

The bit of good news is that I have recently in the last 2 weeks heard her say something about praying. So she is really having a hard time, I can't imagine walking in her shoes. I had a hard time when I received God's healing, because I was confused as to why I deserved such a gift over her or others for that matter.

Thank you to the bible references I will go read them and the prayers from all.


Staff member
Sep 17, 2011
In my prayers. If you have faith as small as a muster seed you can move a mountain Mathew 17:20


Senior Member
Mar 24, 2013
Am waiting for my whole family to come over and celebrate the holiday. Thank you IloveJesus for your biblical reference as well. My daughter is on my mind a lot and I re read the thread as well as what I wrote. In my writing I didn't mean I deserved healing or anything from God. My sentence was constructed wrong. I just was and still am confused as I never asked for healing when I was diagnosed or ever, no mother would when they knew something was wrong with their kids.

Anyway....I am not going to dwell on this anymore. I will go and get her second opinions and let them view her results. If she allows us too. She is mad at the doctors. I do believe and trust in our Lord and I will keep Mathew 17:20 esp. close to my heart.

God Bless


I prayed that she will embrace Jesus being most important but also that her body will healed and not have to take those meds. I'm praying for the miracles to what seems like a mountain in others lives and I encourage You to be asking for more faith for Yourself. In Jesus name I pray for You


Senior Member
Aug 9, 2013
Father give wisdom to the doctors to find the problem this child has and proper treatment for her. Lord, rebuke enemy upon the child and bring health to her body. Amen.