How about a way to unsee forums?

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On other forums, if a person knows they're never going to one of the boards, they can click a button to not see it anymore. This makes the forum list much shorter.

For instance, I'm too old to go to the teen board much, (I know I can, but feel like I'm intruding), the young people, the singles, Arabs, Philippines, etc. If I could cut out the list of the boards I don't go to the list becomes much shorter.

Added bonus: If you can set up a way to see which boards users have elected to ignore, you can get a better idea of which boards aren't worth keeping.


Senior Member
Apr 19, 2011
I've thought if this same idea many times before, as well.

But I don't think it helps determine which are good to keep. If mostly married people ignore singles, for example, that would give misleading results. It's easy to tell boards like Indian, Arab and Filippino are among the least used, without seeing what's ignored.

Otherwise it's a good idea, but I doubt we'll see it implemented. Part of this sites traffic is seeing things in areas outside if your norm and being drawn to it. I doubt anything that could potentially reduce posts or increase segregation will be applied.


Senior Member
Nov 24, 2013
Wouldn't there have to be a total change of software to have new features? Could be expensive to do. But, am just guessing.


I doubt it would be much trouble to do in theory. The forum software front end is easy enough to upgrade, but the database on the back end is HUGE here at CC, and when you go upgrading stuff, it breaks database tables, and that stuff ain't fun to fix at all.