A testimony of the testimonies

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Cc has been a really cool site i prayed for an apartment for my big sis and better said than done she finally got it, one that she actually liked and in good timing. Thanks be to the Lord for doing this.


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Nov 21, 2017
Hi Loverofjesus, I'm glad this forum and the Lord helped your sister :) . God bless.


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Feb 28, 2016
I was just going to put in the 'high-lights' of what happened on last Friday,
but, guess Who told me to just put the whole letter in, that I shared with a few friends...
and obviously want to share with some 'more-friends', sure hope my elephant's friend's ears get
to read this...

so, here goes:

last Friday a close friend, actually my 'old-fishing-buddie' for decades, went to 'Little Talbot' for a day of fishing, - it has to have been at least
10-11months since we last went, -by the way, several years ago, she and I
would even go fishing twice a week - oh those good ole days-smile...

any way, her husband doesn't care to take her fishing anymore, and of course
everything in this world and our lives 'change' moment to moment, well, she's
got the 'itch' again and so dennis has become our 'mule', another words, he pulls
her beach, 'home-made-fishing-wagon' that her husband built decades ago, it's almost
impossible for her and myself to pull that big thing, but, it does have real big wheels...

we all hit the 'jack-pot' that day, between the (3) of us, we caught 34 whiting, two sharks, at least
weighing 4 to 5# and a couple of smaller pompano that we through back, and oh boy,
dennis and I had 'fish and grits' and a fresh tomato for breakfast, yum, yum!...
of course we gave her most of the fish, and got the bait' as she drove and made a way for us to
enjoy some God's awesome, special gifts...

we pray that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn't gorge yourself, as it is so
very easy to do! 'burp'...

by the way, I was reeling-in my line, and the 3oz. sinker caught in the sand and then the hook,
popped and stuck right in my 'fishing-arm', barb and all- oh what a big ouch!!!
dennis used annies needle=nose-pliers', and PULLED IT OUT!!! right there, right then, as the pain
was literally over-whelming, in the bone, barb and all...
with Jesus' help, it came right out, meanwhile, annie was trying to keep from
passing out just looking at it, yes, she is a very squeamish sort of gal!. -
it all worked out and I continued to fish until we were all 'feeling our age',
and were ready to go home...God is so Good!!!:)

with much Love,
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Thankyou oldthenew that was really encouraging.


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Oct 19, 2016
Great to hear that, friend! Thank God for His goodness in your sister’s life, and thanks for sharing your testimony with us. I’m sure your post will encourage and bring hope to others here. Blessings to you!