Amazing Provision of God

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The Thingy Member
Jul 22, 2012
UK age 50
Amazing Praise Report, I make no apology for its length.

I have shared on occasions, how God provided a new £20 million church for us debt free with the majority of the costs paid for by the developers. Our church was in the middle of a prime shopping development and as part of that development, the planners had to structure in a social/community element to their plans. So we moved out of the original building and the developers found a new site for us just 5 mins walk away! It was an old school building. The main school was demolished.
There was an old school block 3 stories high with we had to do up ourselves. This was left standing. We had enough for the ground floor but not much more. Then God gave a prophetic word to two people that just as the loaves and fishes had been multiplied, so would the finances. So in faith the ground floor was started.

Around that time we had a “build the house fund ongoing” when the costs we had to pay towards the main we’re finally compiled, it was discovered there was “baskets” left over much to the surprise of the leadership. To this day they still don’t know how. So the ground floor and first floor were completed around the same time as the main building. We moved onto the new site in 2016.

The second floor and third floor were left as we did not have the funds to complete it. Then more words were given that the church would be a place of multiplication, both spiritually and financially that it would bring healing to the crying children of the city and finances would come from the city itself!

We got the rest of the full story this morning in church and it’s mind blowing. Lol Last year somehow the money came up to complete the second floor of this block via reductions, donations etc. But the cupboard really was bare after that. The leadership were discussing how it would need around a million to complete the third floor which was completely a mess and stripped bare of all it’s wiring and copper and badly vandalised before the development of the site started. It looked like it could be years before funds were available.

Then earlier this year out of the blue, central government started to put pressure on our local City Council to make more school placements available in the area. So the council started to expand a local school. Problem was there was no way it would be ready for the start of school in Spring. So the council started to look
at ways of setting up temp classrooms in the area.

A non Christian Member of Parliament mentioned our church and so city officials came to see the badly vandalised 3rd floor. The senior pastor was embarrassed to show them around as it was in such a bad state. He said how he nearly rang them to say it was no good. The council initially decided it was not suitable and would first look elsewhere. But the other venues all fell through so the Council came back to the church option.

By now they had just 12 weeks left to sort out this issue. There wasn’t even any plans drawn up, no legal documents, no contracts put out to tender, nothing! All of that usually takes months and months before any work actually starts!

More words or prophecy “is anything too hard for the lord”!

Somehow everything fell perfectly into place and within 12 weeks the entire 3rd was completely refurbished with schools rooms set out and other facilities needed. The non Christian leader of the council called it a miracle, the church leadership agreed!

It was so impossibly quick that a representation of the education dept at central government did not believe the council that the classrooms were ready to go. So they visited and were also amazed. The leadership at church was able to explain the prayer and faith which had gone into this and the goodness of God!
So to recap, the city did provide the finances over £600,000 plus their workers and contractors. It cost the church nothing! Once there is no need for these temp classrooms, the church can commence using them for its needs.
In the afternoons the church has been opening up the coffee bar to parents collecting the children. The gospel message is going out. One of the regular parents to this coffee bar comes from an unreached people group, a country with no knowledge of Jesus and no missionaries past or present!
Praise God seems somehow insufficient. But Praise God!