Be thankful in all things. 1 Thessalonians 5:16

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Senior Member
Oct 25, 2016
A testimony is a personal experience of a terrible thing of a good one, a insight, of being in a light of thanksgiving. Things have happened during the past year and half, of things closed. People have lost personal interactions, and some are the only avenue of the web. However, there is too many obstacles that could detour a person, from reality, and resiliency, and just an attitude of giving up. Reality, yes, the things that are happening. I read that people are turning to things to escape reality. Be thankful in all circumstances, as this is the WIll of God. We pray The Lord's Prayer. Thy Will be done. Be what's clogged up the ears, beside wax. Be thankful. America was prayed to be this Nation, under the Flag, and with the For Father's of Christianity. George WAshington, Abraham Lincoln, and the Bible was the only book that was used to read, something, along that alignment. Have you any idea how far away from the truth, things are . For the Capital to be in turmoil, and havac, etc. etc. Going with the flow is a deterrent from going with the Lord, for although things are Rough, and VERy Rough at times, people are not resilient, but rest in peace has been the words families have heard too many times. Be Thankful, changes your perspective view on life. There are many verses, that stand along with this. Though you go through the fire you will not be burnt, When the floods of destruction come in as a flood, the Lord will put up a standard. You seen the things of storms, have overpowered levees, and houses. Yet there are spiritual storms, of grief, discouragement, fears, and loss of hope. I can't say anymore truth, that what the Word of the HOly Spirit said. Think on these things, things that are of a good report. " I know whom I have believed in and am persuaded that he is able to keep me." 2 Timothy 1:12 Anger hatred are poisonous arrows that seep into your bloodstream from your spirit. It is a fact, they've tested blood in persons of extreme emotional differences, from other's and in their blood have found hormones, that are there. " There's a message for you today, from the bible, the Holy Bible, " Quench the fiery darts, by the spiritual shield of faith." Evil is not greater than God. God has created all things, everything on earth, in Ocean, and Above. He is a tender compassionate God, and Father. Evil, has one objective, and that is to destroy, destruction. When emotions flare with anger, and hatred. WE need to pray for these people, because being caught up in the same current is not helping anyone, both are in dangerous waters. But, when someone knows how to escape a current, who is trained and taught. They are skilled to help another. Don't get into fits of rage or anger, with people. It is a trap more than ever. The bible says, calm is a medicine to the body. AS anger is a poison, Hatred, These do all things of harm to you. Getting into a fools avenue, instead of avoiding that road, is being Wise. Be grateful, ask God for help. Is being humble in heart, no one will take on the world alone. It takes the one who created it, and the one to break chains with his power. Once said, Prayer is the key to heaven but Faith unlocks the door.