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Well-known member
Mar 8, 2023
We all have heard of the expression, "my goodness". I'm changing it to, "God's goodness"! So, starting about November 20th, God put me in, about, a 5 & 1/2 month trial. Especially during winter i need income because I'm a landscaper. & as we all know, the clouds hardly snowed. In addition to that, nothing seemed to work out for me except the greatest cruise i ever enjoyed. But I noticed early that i was handling the trail well. Not complaining, doubting or pouting about it. So, thru this, i kept reminding myself to be calm, loose & relaxed, use wisdom, rest in it & trust Jesus. & you all know the story last week I posted about the clouds. Last Friday & Saturday, I purchased a local popular axe & hatchet collector's collection + blacksmithing equipment. The biggest collection in the area! In addition to that, a long time investment has come thru! Maybe Jesus said, "well done, good & faithful servant"! (fooling & joking). I must have passed the trial & test!! Here comes the blessings of Jesus! YEAH JESUS!!!