His Masterplan, Grace and Sweet Justice

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Honor, Courage, Commitment
Jun 25, 2017
Our lord does have a master plan. HE does hear are prayers. He does see the injustices and HE has his own way of righting wrongs and giving back to those who have had so much unfairly taken from them...
About a year ago I had become yet another victim in a long list of colleagues who had been caught up in the vortex of a bureaucratic bully (BB) who was responsible for both creating a hostile work environment and deceptively defy the direction of his Senior Leaders.
From 2017-2018 I was given an impossible task to take on a task desired by the Senior Leaders, but that Mr BB did not agree with and at every opportunity sought to sabotage my efforts (and the institutions) to succeed.
A year ago, I was removed from the project, although the Senior Leaders were excited about the progress and advancements my team had made.
He took credit for all of my efforts (my vision and implementation) - he was even the recipient of an award that left everyone flabbergasted...

The timing of this drama in my life caused me seemingly insurmountable amounts of stress at the same time that my wife had decided to leave and I had to take on single-parent responsibilities...

I prayed, cried, and sought HIS guidance and blessings for strength, perseverance and a way forward... HE showed me the path to weather the storm by taking a stand, standing my ground, and taking an approach that would lead to HIS righteousness and HIS Justice.

He blessed me with the notion and the means to implement a plan that I dubbed "Managerial Jujitsu."
HE blessed me with the strength to file a formal HR complaint as a means to protect myself and give me the peace of mind to not fear for my job security and stability. At the same time, he enabled me with a means via the formal HR process to expose Mr BB for his gross mismanagement of his organizational capabilities and resources and his defiant methods of deceiving senior leaders and not making earnest efforts to deliver their requirements. His actions/inactions have caused significant implications and risks for the future of our service...

Yesterday, Mr BB met with his Superior (Senior Leader), and today Mr BB called an 'all-hands' meeting and announced his imminent retirement this summer...

There is no doubt in my mind that our Lord's grace, blessings and mercy had a significant hand in this magnificent turn of events...
HIS righteousness and HIS Justice provided for the greater good of our organization, our institution and the future of our service...

God is Great, God Bless...


Senior Member
Feb 22, 2018
Awesome! God is great, and so are you!

I love the jiu jitsu reference.