I believe in Miracles! have you had a miracle in your life from God? pls. share.

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Senior Member
May 16, 2014
I have many, but one that happened today was i ended up getting out of one of those jury duty summons things. I hate going to them, they are stressful, cramped and just not somewhere i need to be.. A week prior i had recieved the summons in the mail and called them about it, The lady on the phone was snippy and pretty much said i HAD TO GO with no excuse.. Skipping ahead to today i just decided to try again, but first before i call i prayed about it, declaring deliverance over the issue.. and it was funny, after i had prayed it seemed like the enemy was just throwing problems my way, first my computer just out of nowhere got the blue screen of death, followed by various other minor annoyances, one of which was i had lost the remote and i had been looking for it since yesterday... I finally found it before making the call, but as i turned on the tv
and glanced at what was on it was a Judge show called the peoples court or something, so right then i knew something was up. I finally called and the nice lady i spoke to her name was "Mary" and she just said " ok you are excused" and just like that i don't have to do it.
God knows going to those is stressful for me because i don't like being around police, judges, courtrooms or anywhere near that stuff (due to my past)..so yea He delivered me from having to go to that place. God is good.


Even in the little things God makes a way, our God is Powerful and Mighty able to reach into our lives in all ways as we depend on Him......He changes us as we are transformed into the image of His son our Lord Jesus, in Christ we are made freeeeeee......thank you Goowz praise God....love in Christ Sherril...


Just last year after living in a place for 7 years we found we needed to move, having only 3 weeks to find a place, pack, and move....it was unexpected all of the sudden....well God had us a place, at the right price, and with help from Him through local helps we were given $950.00 toward moving in cost we had a little, we did need to barrow some then we paid it back quick....but Gods hand was in all of it and we love where we are now its humble more in the country/city and its quite and peaceful with deer's in the back woods behind our house.....its like our own little Goshen our get away, its only 1250 sq. ft. but that just perfect for us...God uses others to bless at times also folks you might not expect....God is amazing...God takes care of His kids.....love in Christ Sherril...:)
ps. as long as we have God we have all we need....God is our Provider....Being in Gods perfect will brings peace..:D


My family was always regular attenders of church and one Saturday night we all went to bed as usual. In the morning, I woke up literally pushing my head into my pillow and I felt like I had just slept more deeply than ever in my life.

That morning in church, the pastor began to tell a story as an illustration for a sermon topic and I was very startled to realize that the story he was telling was what I had dreamed the night before! Not only that, but when I whispered that to my brother sitting next to me, he said he dreamed it the night before, too!

I know I didn't hear the story anywhere before, because in my dream the ending went slightly farther than the one the pastor told us and the point it made was even more specific. And my brother dreamed he was listening to it on the radio with our mom, but that never actually happened.

I have never forgotten that story, now, and the Biblical lesson it taught. I figure that there is something very important for me specifically in it, that God put it into my memory permanently like that.


My sister was driving down a country road one day when a trailer truck drove into the road from behind a barn with no warning at all. My sister had no time to swerve away, but somehow she was suddenly on the other side of the truck still driving down the road like nothing had happened. The truck was still blocking the road...


Junior Member
Jun 14, 2017
There are SO many I could name off!

On November 30th, 2014, my oldest son was in foster care and the foster Mom was incredibly beautiful. She showed me true love and treated me like family before she even met me.
She prayed for me on the phone that night. At that moment, I was heavily addicted to cocaine, mdma, and alcohol. I was malnourished and slowly fading away.
24 hours after her prayer I was clean. No withdrawals, No cravings, No temptations, No turning back
Praise God that was only the beginning ;)


Senior Member
Jul 20, 2010
A few years ago...well several actually...I struggled with astigmatism which has since been corrected. I truly struggled driving at night. I had to drive my daughter to her apartment on a rainy, dark night in late fall on an unfamiliar road. We set out and I came upon a semi - slightly over the center on the left and on the right a slow moving tractor that was over on the that side too. I had an especially large car at the time I was sure we were 'finished'. Yet, I..get this..closed my eyes!...and prayed for a moment. Then berated myself...and opened my eyes...to find myself safely on the other side of both vehicles! It was an impossible situation and God was good...all I needed to do was "get out of the boat" and look to Jesus.