I was rejected by the world but one day Jesus Told me 'U R MINE' and I was saved

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Jan 17, 2018
Hi Everyone,

I am Anu from india..

I was born and brought up in Roman Catholic family where I knew about Christ but I never had experienced him or his love.

I was Kind of rejected from my school days..( I would say I was attacked by spirit of rejection from my childhood)

I joined a reputed colleage which is far from my hometown to do my higher studies(I stayed in hostel).. I was introvert.. hardly had any friend..This spirit of rejection started to torture me.

But God Blessed me in everything though I was not so close to him.

He blessed me in my studies, I got a very good Job in multinational company which I never even dreamed of.

Then I came to bangalore.
I was married to a man (2013)whom I loved who showed me love in the initial days.

I never knew that I was a victim of black magic when I was married( it was done by a girl who had relationship with my husband previously).

After marriage , I cannot explain in words I much broken I was.. my heart was shattered into pieces and full of pain and brokeness by the way my husband used to treat me with his words and attitude towards.

I was hardly loved and cared for.

everyday when I used to sleep I used cry over my pillow and used ask one question to the lord.

1.Why did u create me when nobody in this world wanted me.?did u create me just to experience this rejection from this world? why dint u kill me when I was in mothers womb? I ask for no riches, But Love .. please take my life..

I was full of pain within and smile outside.

Though my husband was hurting me with his words God had given me the special grace to reply him with Love. Never once I spoke back to him with anger.

after some months I was conceived.
But My husband told that he did not want the baby so soon and he forced to abort it which I did not want to do, but I did not have any courage to stand against him.

after the abortion I was so guilty and everyday I used to cry before God for forgiveness.

I had thought in my heart who will save me now from this blood in my hand and curse which I have bought on our family.

One fine day my brother told us to visit a AG church which he started visiting. He was baptized there after knowing the truth.

So went there one sunday , and I loved the worship there.

Soon after that one Sunday my brother came home Sunday eve.(Dec 1st 2013).
One of our Good friend was diagnosed with Cancer last stage who was the only breadwinner to his poor family.

I was busy with cooking, My brother came and told come lets pray for our friend who was counting days, think that he is our own brother and pray.

so we all gatherd in hall to pray for the first time... we all knelt down(me , husband and brother).

My Brother jus started the prayer. Within 2-3 mins my husband started speaking some unknown language . My borther was fully shocked and started shouting with joy that he speaking in tongues which i was hardly knew about.

then within sometime my husband started crying so badly and confessing his sins like small child, he cried for almost an hour.

that time my brother told me u also ask God for gift of tongues, I told lord give me gift of tongues but nothing happend.

Same time our friend who was suffering from cancer called me and was telling that doctors had started the treatment.

So I told him over the call, Manjanna dont worry JESUS Loves You very much.. (Till then I myself never experienced the love of christ) .. As soon as I finshed this statement - I saw a ray of glorious light coming towards me which I will never be able to expalin in my lifetime.

It Was so glorious ...So holy ... So full of beauty, So full of selfless Pure Love.

So full of Compassion, So full of mercy.

That moment I tasted the depth of Christs love for me, his mercy and compassion over my life.(Guys I will never be able to explain in words what i experienced that moment.

That was moment when all my chain were broken. That was the moment I felt I was cleansed.

That was the moment I was delivered from traditional bondage's and rituals

That was moment Jesus answered all my question about my existence.

then that Glorius loght came near me n jus went inside my heart.

that was moment I felt Whole and somplete( for the first time).

That was the moment when holy spirit enabled me to call Abbba father, n Father -Child relationship was established in my heart

And I jus fell on my bed.

My brother and hubby were in prayer that time in the same room.

then God Showed my husband a vision- Where JESUS touching Manjanna and Manjanna following Jesus( who was a hindu).

That was day when all our darkness was turned to light.

Next day there was fasting prayer in that AG church for seven days, I decided to attend.

The very first day.. I asked Lord-Please fill me with your holy spirit.

immediately i felt the control of my tongues was taken by someone else.I started speaking in tongues, I was filled with full of Joy and peace.

Next day God filled me with the Fire of holy spirit.

other day God spoke to my heart with inner voice- I love you my Child, You are Mine, Nothing and No one can ever snatch you out of my hand.

Every day I experienced the divine encounter with the Lord.

then Myself and husband decided to take water baptism. and we took on Dec 15th 2013 together.

Our dear friend Manjanna Got healed from Cancer :)

Since then My life has never been the same,

God Has blessed my marriage life immensely, Transformed my husband life to a extent that I can never imagine.
(he was the one who was taking pleasure in hurting me before .. Now treats me with so much of respect care and love which I cannot explain in words- I feel like dream)


Now Jesus has become my life and the lover of my soul . My best friend.. My everything..

Now the only desire that he has put in my heart is to live for him alone.

every day he carries me.


Brothers and sisters - No matter what chain you are bounded with, Jesus is able to break it at his own time- we jus need to gaze upon him and worship through our difficult times and wait patiently .

Now I thank God for all the rejection and depression that the Lord allowed me in my life, He used all of it to mend me and mold me .

The same God who made my life whole(which was full of empty and brokenness) is able to do the same miracle in your life to.

Let our Only desire in life to be a man/ women after Gods own heart.. Christ is worth everything.


Senior Member
Sep 21, 2017
South Australia
I am so very happy for you and your husband.
Yes I received the Holy Spirit in 1996 and spoke in tongues.
I enjoyed a powerful revelation about the truth of the Word of
God that has strongly influenced me ever since.
It has given me great strength to persevere against much persecution.

Praying for others who have needs.
We do likewise in The Revival Fellowship.
Prayer and fasting is good.
Healings, miracles and much answered prayer.
Rejoice in your salvation, sister.

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Jul 3, 2015
Anu, you are such a blessing! Thank you for sharing your wonderful testimony with us :)

What a wonderful, glorious, good and loving God we have!


Senior Member
Feb 23, 2016
Praise the Lord! What an amazing, joyful testimony! Hallujah! Glory to God!

Thank you for sharing, sister JAnu!! \:D/