Just look at me

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Jul 24, 2019
Don't look too far to see how good the lord is. Just look at me.
1. I survived joblessness since 2016 till date
2. I lost a biological child and a foster child
3. I survived gunshot
4. I survived hunger
5. I survived living in the bush
6. I survived sicknesses
7. I survived lack of shelter
8. I still have a son and wife
9. I have another foster that came sick and is healthy today even without feeding him appropriately
10. I will be 30 years old on August 8th 2019.
-David became a king after 30years of preparation.
- Joseph became a prime minister after 30 years of preparation.
- Jesus was prepared for 30 years and fulfilled his ministry within 3 years.
The first 30 years of my life I called it my learning or foundation years. The next years am going to live will be my achieving years. If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Psalm 11:3.
Big that you to all those that have contributed enormously to my foundation years.


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Jun 11, 2018
Hi @Lloydmuh, that's a great testimony. Thanks for sharing it with us (y)

If you don't mind me asking, how old were you when you became a Christian?

Thanks again!



Staff member
Nov 4, 2014
Wow, Lloyd, thank you for sharing.

You have gone through so much and given so much. It is especially awesome and inspiring that you foster. So much loss you have known. I am so sorry.

Welcome to CC, thank you for your testimony, looking forward to seeing more of you.

Thank you for this verse, had to go look it up...

If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?”
Psalms 11:3 NASB
Jul 20, 2019
After reading the above post , was inspired to post my story
1/ Born to narcissistic parents, not a great childhood, never understood. Forced to do things against my nature ie play sports, wear clothing that was not to my liking. Step father was very macho, getting into fights at the bar, boasting about his sporting prowess etc, heavy drinker and smoker. Was trying to get my brother and I to emulate him. He succeeded with my brother, but not me
2/ Bullied at Primary school and High school. Feast or famine, some people couldn’t stay away from me, others detested me. Physical violence wasn’t uncommon. Cousins etc were also the same.
3/ Was called to go to Perth Western Australia when I was in my early 20s. Met some people from a mega church, my first time in such a place. Despite their religious fervour, I felt something wasn’t right. I do recall once sitting in the audience waiting for the proceedings to start, when a white cloud came by me and some others, I was taken aback and the energy was so strong I got very emotional and almost feinted. They also layed hands. on me and I was talking in a strange language .The pastor and his minder on the stage also seen it but didn't seem to have the same affect on them. I don’t think no one else seen it. I stayed in a share house with some young men from the church, however after a few months I returned to my home city, with a heavy heart I must say
4/ Always felt from a young age there was a purpose in life beyond buying a house, having kids etc, was lost for many years trying to figure that one out.
5/ Did not start dating until I was 22, and then with a woman twice my age. Taught me a lot about life, far more than my parents ever did.
6/ Travelled extensively around Australia with this older woman, usually with next to nofinances , despite that, things always worked out . We never went without anything
7/ Have attracted narcissistic people from a young age. Ughh. Even to this day I have someone trying to keep attached
8/ Moved from this city 2003, when we arrived to the new city, nothing worked out. It was a disaster. We just survived and were even evicted from the trailer park as we had no finances. As soon as we arrived back where we came from, everything fell into place. Like someone was looking over me
9/ Seen a young girl at the bingo centre I used to attend regularly, as soon as we made eye contact , I experienced profound energy, love, and my spiritual awareness went even higher. I found myself praying , talking directly to God, looking at the world from a different perspective . A very profound experience but unfortunately she is a narcissist, seems to be the theme in my life
10/ Now I feel I have calling to do something profound, what I don’t know. The past three weeks have been particularly intense, and have spent most of the time in solitude praying, meditating and fellowship with Jesus.

I now realise since I was very young Jesus was by my side the whole time. Feeling great love now as I type this. Thank You Jesus