Praise: Clean

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Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
I went to clean the windows a few days ago, after a while of letting them suffer neglect; however, wouldn't you know, the dumb birds decided to hang around longer, thanks to a non-existent winter? More quick than restored, the fresh-cleaned windows and windshield were messed up by a (now formerly) belly-aching tree-dweller.

Well, begrudgingly, I laughed at the situation and continued on with my scheduled activities. And all was fine, except it felt really unapproachable, to see a vehicle in such disarray. Plus, it was poo, so I waited until after work to do something about the eyesore.

Admittedly, I was aching, tired, and felt the combined "yuck" of having such a public nasty-looking ride.
I was about to complain to God about it, but then I recalled the verse, "Consider it pure joy... when you face trials of many kinds" (James 1). And as soon as I began to meditate on those words, I saw a vehicle with an all-out broken driver-seat window.

While internalizing my thankfulness 1) that I withstood temptation 2) that my window was still in one piece, I asked the windowless man about how he was doing and encouraged him to endure. (I did ask if it was insured; he said, "It should be." When I shared the scripture from James 1, he became quiet and abruptly left.)

Anyways, I took my time scrubbing, wiping, and drying my vehicle and eventually drove off with greater satisfaction than before. Unfortunately... yes, it happened again. (Now, before someone tells me that it is futile to park in the same spot expecting different results, my reason for parking there was compassion. I did not want other vehicles to get the frustration that I experienced.) Still, all my satisfaction was wiped away. 3 times, now, I had cleaned the car-- and the same problem followed each time. It never happened before, but it was still happening.

In fact, there was a 4th time cleaning the glass, (this time, before work). I honestly did not care. I actually did it to get my mind off of a car that had not let me through while trying to get to my job. And then once I arrived, I was told to wait before clocking in. So... with time on hand, feathered-fecality on vehicle, and the need to refocus-- I just went through the motions without major effort, while adding more spray. Sadly, I had to get back to work, so I left with the job half-done.

But here is the praise. It rained. It may have even snowed. But whatever the matter, my transportation was wiped clean by the grace of a precipitation. And once the cleanness was celebrated for more than a moment... I was able to focus on other areas to improve, which led to a great series of ministry encounters.

I guess my point of writing this is, there are times when we take "it" (whatever it is) to the cleaners.
We may invest and hope for the best, but we get a hole in a shirt, a chip in the paint, or a little calm before "it" happens again. Whatever the case, the scripture of James 1 is truth. We should consider the Joy we have in Christ, especially when we face the trials, enduring for an unknown time.

Another reason to write this is to say: don't delay in cleaning.
It may not be "next to godliness," but it certainly is a help those nearby.

God bless.



Senior Member
Feb 28, 2016
Thank You for sharing,

I really enjoyed this piece, very well expressed...