Praise: Half n half

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Aug 15, 2012
I was working on a scrapbook, when I realized that I needed to cut a ball into halves. It was a blue and black soccer ball.
Well, because I was sitting in a McDonalds at the time, I asked someone for a pocket-knife. The first man I asked was full of kindness, but he did not have what I was looking for. However, the second man, someone to whom I said, "You strike me as someone who would have a pocket-knife. Do you?" He casually pulled out a knife and cut the ping-pong soccer ball as intended.

Even though Mr. Second (knife man) had helped, I turned to offer half of the ball to the first. He actually accepted and was grateful, and I then I went to my tape and added my half into the book. After this, I became the ping-pong, going from my table to the gentleman's, and back again. Actually, it was not so odd. In fact, it was a God-sent contact.

Omar, that's his name! Albeit awkward in itself, Omar did not mind our random interaction. In fact, had I not asked about the knife, we may never have met. But because he was so warm to reply, I learned he is new to the area, a steadfast believer, and he actually asked to trade numbers for reconnecting.

I love that I gave him half of the "soccer ball," because I gave of something which God first gave.
It represents the heart I so long to have and results desired.
And it represents community working together: a shared need (me), the practical help (knife man), and the spiritual support (a new friend). But I also like that something that reminds me of how God provides has become the same to another.

Lord, that broken soccer ball became your means to communicate different things to different people.
While I mentioned the three of us in community, there was a fourth: the witness. Someone was there during it all, and the different personalities could have clashed. Instead, you brought something that fills better than a burger. Harmony.

I guess what I mean to say, God, is, "Thanks for using brokenness to build up."
Like a child, I say to you: Can we do that again?!
But I know it is not always to my liking, even if it is my breaking.
Therefore, whatever one's part, help more of us to come into godly fellowship,
in Jesus' name, amen.
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Jul 3, 2015
I love how you share your heart for God with us, your spontaneous
interactions with others, and reflections on the same, that come out of it.