Praise: Room for prayer

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Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
I walked into work early and due to limited hours I had to clock out sooner. This led to a Friday night I normally do not get off of work.
So, afterwards, God brought to my mind a pesky swath of invitations to attend a different church for prayer. I almost let it go by, but God drove me there. I arrived to a locked door, except for a few people entering a less-public part of the building.
I knew it would be different. I expected God to be moving, but I never expected the authentic immediacy of God waylaying my pride, ushering me into meaningful time of listening to others pray, reciting specific Scripture, and just laying it all at His Feet.

I don't think I was there for two minutes before I was in a deep state of prayer. And before I knew it, I was leaving wanting to return. The funny thing is, I was hardly greeted, barely acknowledged, hardly invited to another activity. And yet I felt welcome. The Holy Spirit was at work in that room and in my heart. And I write this to tell Him "thanks!"

I guess I will also thank each reader who genuinely seeks God. Thank you for leaning into the Lord who is Our Help.
Thank you for the prayers to see His Will be Done. Thanks for going to prayer for so many issues, people, and years-- all of which I lack experiencing. Thanks for being quiet examples to the world and younger people in the faith. While God gets the Glory, I do recognize that many of you have endured more than I have, longer than I have, and I owe my thanks to God for your prayers in the background.

Lord, thank you for the hallway of prayer that was experienced tonight.
Thank you for those who have prayed many times before I arrived.
Thanks for those who prayed me in. And thanks for those who continue to pray in the name of Jesus, with Holy Spirit.
Now, help me to press into praying more in your Presence, regardless of what room or company I am in.
Your Will, not mine, be done, in Jesus' name. amen.