Praise: She is still interested (written to remember)

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Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
The following is a note, not a publication. May it help in some way

There is a younger woman whom I first met about three years ago. She was and is an inspirational person, open about her faith and what she hopes to accomplish: to become a missionary, to serve God. Obviously, we are all called to love God, share with others the love of God, and to be constant in prayer. But she saw doors close, stress build, and she became reluctant in following her heart's Desire.

I challenged her, but she seemed irritated. I encouraged, but she seemed unimpressed.
I waited, I watched. And more and more, the Light seemed to grow more dim.
But even so, I caught glimpses of a childlike faith climbing onto the back of her tired adult self.
Yes, she still loved Jesus. But where was the consistency expected from the missionary's heart? I never found out.

What I do know is, along with my latest God-placed prayer for her, she's Back.
She was brimming, she was so excited as she shared plans of going to jungle region for mission work.
There are more details, but I am just grateful that she is answering the Call.

Lord, you asked whom you could send, who would go for you.
Well, K is willing. But even when she has seemed off-target,
I thank you that you have patiently pursued her.

Now, help me to be the person she needs for prayer and support.
Help me to listen and to suggest scriptures as redirection, should she face similar doubts.

Lord, get the glory, in Jesus' name, amen.


Senior Member
Jul 20, 2010
Planting seeds of encouragement is a hard task. We have to sit back and watch them takes time and only God knows when the hard outer shell will crack and new life will spring forth. Be blessed! You're awesome. -student