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Senior Member
Feb 18, 2017
Just wanted to give a little testimony. I want to thank the Lord how he's been with me these past few months. He's been so close to me. I've been struggling with certain issues and situations. I felt so discouraged, defeated, and alone. I felt like I couldn't get my head above water, everything was piling up. Part of me was wondering, "Why bother?". I had no one to talk to, my "best friend" basically cut me out it seems like. I was slacking on my Bible reading and studying. I was letting down on some things spiritually. I was just in a state of defeat. I was at church about 3 weeks ago and my pastor's daughter sang a song that I heard at least 100 times, but I guess the words never hit until then. We serve a faithful God. He's a merciful and compassionate God. He's a God who cares. I don't understand why we question God when we go through dark times, when he's brought us through them all in the past. We tend to forget that, but I'm so happy that he still reminds us of who he is and what he does for us. Nothing takes him by surprise. I love him and I just want to be what he wants for me.