Salvation is a gift. I was very much on my way to "success" in 1984 when my heart was changed. I was a social work grad student.

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Mar 12, 2019
My Lord led me to ask him into my heart. I went through a lot of stuff since then but never lost touch with God. I was in an ungodly way of life lived in sin for 8 years and all that. I separated from all that and even moved to another part of the country. The things that separate us from God are our idols. They can be being right pride, money, position or things we worship in the grove. One day God showed me how a person who had nothing at all just out of alcohol treatment gave more of what they had than all the ones that had stuff. I have been praying for Christian people to be more kind. WE get too comfortable in our pews when many cities don't have churches or worship. I guess the churches go where the money is. God is sending me the other way. I am blessed beyond belief. Do I struggle? Yes, but only in the flesh. Deric
Apr 26, 2012
I know this song is not a Christian song, but the message fits your post.