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Junior Member
Dec 28, 2017
I am a 50 year old catholic Christian who has lived in bondage to addiction for 32 years; I've spent my Juvenile youth in juvenile detentions (where I learned about God) and my young adult life in prison because of my addiction. At first I did not realize it was an addiction. Upon release of prison I became a self taught Designer/engineer, while still being addicted to opiates I tried Rehabilitations, detox, sober livings, A.A., N/A meetings, etc. Nothing worked for many years. My addiction cause an infection in my leg several years ago, I began to seek the lord then, but could not find him. After many Surgeries and knee replacements the threat of losing my leg was not even enough to stop my addiction. I was told by doctors, that I would lose my leg if it were to get infected again. I had resolved that if I were not able to stop my addiction, and that if I were to lose my leg to it, I would come to the false belief that I would be an addict the rest of my, and that there is nothing on the face of this earth to stop it. I would give up the fight. I have 8 boys, 7 boys all grown up and out of the house and the last child is now 6 years old attending catholic school. (I knew of god, but had not come to know him yet). On July, 2017 my leg had become infected again, and it was amputated. At that point, I had given up on ever being sober and of sound mind again. On December 1st 2017, I was at the lowest point of my life that I had ever been, I did not self medicate that day and that night I experienced the most pain I had ever experienced in my Life (worse than getting stabbed to near death at 15 years old) and (worse than getting shot in the leg in my adult life). The pain was so great, that for the First time in my Adult life I got on my 1 knee and cried out to the lord not to abandon me. it came like a rush of revelation in my head (That’s the best way I can explain it).He showed All the Times I had overdosed, and was brought back from death, he showed me the times I missed death and life in prison by minutes by the hand of my guardian Angel. Saving me from death many times, I cried and a peace came over me at the crack of Dawn. I stayed praying in bed for 6 days, weak and scared to get out of the bed that I had been in since losing my leg. For the First time in my Life I had no craving for drugs and am seeking him daily with Bible and prayer. I want to learn How to fast, and is looking for a church filled with the Holy Spirit to attend?

Your Eternal Servant