The Ark and me

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Senior Member
Jun 30, 2016
I hadn't been born into the Kingdom of God for long that fall of 1977 but the Lord Jesus had baptized me in His wonderful Holy Spirit too. It was all a mystery since He came and did His work in me outside of any church. Not being swayed by denominational doctrines is wonderful. The only allegiance I owe is to the Lord God. It was that excellent honeymoon period of my salvation when I was getting to know the Lord better. Actually I'm still getting to know Him better.

It was a Friday night in October and I was walking outside in the moonlight and praying. I was planning on a squirrel hunt the next morning and found myself praying "Lord I'm going squirrel hunting tomorrow and I ask you to give me a limit of squirrels. I also ask you to let seven of them be grey squirrels and one to be a fox squirrel. Lord can I be back home before noon? Thank you Lord, Amen. Now, if the thought of killing innocent squirrels bothers you please stop here.

I don't know if I'd planned to pray those things or not but that's what came out. So many times we're amazed at what comes out of our mouths because it's God that's giving us the prayer. Like prophesying the prophet thinks "my, that's amazing" even as he speaks the words God is giving him. Having a farm family heritage, fishing and hunting were second nature to me and living here in the Ouachita Mountain foothills above a fork of the Saline River, was and is a gift straight from God.

It was one of those exquisite fall mornings in the hardwoods with leaves turning and a touch of chill in the air. Translucent misty clouds rising above the stream were dissipating quickly as the sun rose. It was quiet and still except for the random Blue Jay or crow complaining about some imagined threat and for the clear water singing as it swept over gravel shoals. I was easing through the tall hardwoods and shooting a grey now and again and then I was able to get one fox squirrel. Well, that part of my prayer had been answered anyway. A short time later I saw another fox squirrel and thought "well I'm not going to try and answer my own prayer by not shooting this one". I tried stalking that squirrel but he dove into a hollow tree and never came back out. I finished collecting my limit with a couple more greys and was getting ready to wade back across the cold water. That's when I heard the sound of an aluminum boat approaching. It was banging against some gravel shoals as a float fisherman moved downstream toward me.

Might as well save getting wet again was my thought and after hailing the fisherman found he'd be glad to give me a short ride. We introduced ourselves and conversed as he sculled the small flat bottom across the current. I was amazed to hear that he was a member of a church in Little Rock, some 50 miles away, that my mother had taken me to when I was only a boy. That non-cooincidence from Jesus was not lost on me. What a special morning! What are the chances of meeting someone in the woods from a church that you visited twenty five years before?

Going ashore on the east bank I began to walk across the forested River bottom toward the ridge that ended at our home. It was still mild and the occasional few early leaves coming down were pleasant. I glanced down at the clutch of squirrels hanging by my side. As I did the magnitude of what I was seeing really struck me. To think that God could and would tell animals to run out on a limb before my gun in specific colors was dumbfounding. Just exactly as He'd done when He made the passenger list for brother Noah's ark, excepting that then it was by gender of course.

I dropped to my knees and right there had a small revival in that October cathedral. Crying and praying and giving thanks all at once that such a one as Jesus the Christ, the great creator really knew me. To think that He cared for me and would answer such a down to earth country boy prayer. It's in the simple things that we meet the savior, not some complex scheme. I found it was only about ten thirty when I walked into our yard. He had hearkened to my request answering my prayer completely. He really was saying "OK, are you convinced that I'm always with you and hear your prayers, Now, do you see and believe"?

What far out prayers do you have for our Lord Jesus. Say like finding your tax money in a fishes mouth! Wasn't that special. But that's too far out and outlandish for our God right?

I sometime tell doubters to ask God to do some specific thing for them and tell no one else about it. Then when it happens they can't attribute it to coincidence. Many have become believers after asking God to do a certain thing.

Jeremiah 33:3 (NKJV)
‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’

Jeremiah 32:27 KJVS
Behold, I am the Lord , the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?

No Lord, for you it's all a light thing.


Senior Member
Feb 28, 2016
Hay, even though 'some things' don't ADD-UP, it was a semi-entertaining tale...

we have some very prolific writers here on the site; Lynn being one of the best,
there's always something new to learn, read some of her 'personal-posts', Praise God...