what comes to mind by one word...

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Senior Member
Jul 20, 2010
I love our Lord...I love my cat...I hate that she is subjected to the house boundaries all winter...but now that it's spring, I worry for her safety. Yet and yet, I let her go out after 10. LIke another cat I had, I have to trust God in my prayers for the safety of my pet. 20 min passed and she had not returned. Crazy cat mom started to worry, fret and pray and even walked the perimeter of the house outside to see if the precious had returned. Finally, I gave it all to God and considered the worst case scenario as in faith still, I began to tie a blanket...as I also responded to a beep on my phone...what comes to mind by one word...a favorite thread was responded to.

It was not adjusted to the last message, nor would it move from this message..."batter, batter, batter, batter" and "Strike". The tie blanket I'm working on is a baseball blanket for my grandsons. I turned to God...having forgotten my worry briefly...'but she's not here..>"

Why so downcast o my soul? I walked to the open storm door and my cat flew in...no scratches or concerns.

She's home. I'm thankful and about to snuggle through the remainer of the night...God bless! -student