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Apr 26, 2019
i have a macbook and everytime i install the chat app it tells me the certificate is expired or unverified


Senior Member
Apr 18, 2013
A mac?

I think you'll need a priest.


i have a macbook and everytime i install the chat app it tells me the certificate is expired or unverified

Hi I had the same problem on my MacBook Pro.
It’s not the link it’s just the way Macs deal with the download.

This is what I realised I had to do.

When I clicked on the link to download it. The system downloaded the app but then it comes up with an installer icon to install it. At the point I got a message that it would not let me install the app from an unrecognised developer. This is apple's default security setting.

So I had click on "finder" and open finder in the top menu bar, find the chat installer (it was immediately there so no searching required).

I Unlocked the finder security panel so I could amend the settings (there is a little lock symbol to unlock to ensure you don't accidentally make changes you don't want to change, it is at the bottom of the finder panel).

Then I pressed the control button on my keyboard, while at the same time, selecting the downloader icon again. The Mac then asked for my password and if I wanted to open it. I said yes and finally it downloaded it to my apps! And it works. Yippee!

I did see though that every time I want to enter chat I had to go to my apps to open it, rather than through the CC website but that's not a problem as now I have moved it to my status bar at the bottom which shows my favourite apps.

Oh the above might seem complicated but it was easy really and I just followed the instructions. I definitely do not have a masters in computing and it was able to follow the basic instructions without any problems, so if I can do it, anyone can!

I did mention this to robop that maybe these instructions or something similar, could be added to the info about the link for Mac people.