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"When something can't be simply explained, you may be out of your element."
Hi Chief,

I just posted a thread called `The Difference Between Daniel 2 and Daniel 7.` In the Biblical Topics area. It has now been deleted. Was that a topic not to be discussed? Or some other reason?
"Live your life to the fullness of your spiritual maturity."
"Thought for today...willing to change."
JaumeJ, are you near the La Palma eruption?
No, I am on mainland Spai, however some of the blowout , fine that it is, has made it here. There are several dormant volcanos about 30 miles from here, and although they are dormant they could wake up some day.

The coveraged of the erruption(s) is quite complete and equally amazing. God bless you for thinking of me..j
“Seeing our defects is not enough to make them improve or go away -- the solution seems to be following awareness with action.”
"When you forgive, you heal. When you let go, you grow."
" We should have an attitude of learning, releasing faith in the Word, being willing to obey and adjust our lives according to the Word of God and spreading the Word to others, ones testimony being a powerful tool."
God is going to take care of you. :)
Hi John, thanks so much for your post in my thread. I really appreciate it -- I think you gave me too much credit, but the part about having one arm behind my back made me laugh out loud! Hope you and your family have a spectacular day! :)
"The Bible won't keep you from going to hell, neither is it a ticket to heaven,
but it will help you ponder long enough for you to decide which way you want to go."
"Perhaps a hidden profile be a foreshadowing of something unfavorable."
"The completion of the present system of things, and then, the coming of the coming to be.
And, the age of this shall not be known in this age."
Am alive only in Christ Jesus . everything else amounts to vanity ..
“We must learn how to cope with life, people, and situations,
not as we want them to be, but as they really are.”
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"Divine words do not solve our problems, but they can calm us down,
remind us of a better way to proceed, and perhaps even put us in
a mood to make better decisions.”
Do you believe the gospel given to Paul by Christ?