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Jan 25, 2015
Might be one of those times that when you finally sit down, and things catch up with you...
Watching a really nice movie right now, love Ray Comfort he's so genuinely loving and kind, really great witness for God...

Hi SoulWeaver
Watched this last night and it is an interesting documentary :) I have argued with atheists before but you can see this guy is an converted atheist. He knows their way of thinking. I smiled when I saw the lights coming on as he discuss their "logic" with them :p


Well-known member
Mar 1, 2019
Well this salted caramel coffee that I accidentally bought has been a pleasant mistake!!



Try the less stronger types (some call it pancake coffee :rolleyes: lol) It is deeeeelicioooouus !!
my body doesn't respond well to coffee :eek: .......
my taste buds LOVE it, but the rest of me gets to feeling bad when having it, and yet when I have it, it's hard to stop, despite how it makes me feel........ (and decafe just isn't the same in my book.)
I can drink the Starbucks stuff you get at the grocery stores in glass bottles, but I think that's really more sugar/flavor than true coffee....
Jan 25, 2015
Not drinking coffee???? What kind of sorcery is this???!!!


I am so upset now. I am going to drink a cup of coffee just to calm me down :giggle: