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Active member
Apr 8, 2022
I wrote what I did to be an example and an illustration of who/what/how the Bible says we are to be.

I don't know what your sins are. But, what I do know is that if you - "get right with God" - stay as close to Him as you can - take a "cheerfully honest" approach to fellowship with others [on CC] - respect the right of others to believe what they will (even if you believe they are wrong) - keep the Golden Rule in mind at all times - and, always-remember-and-never-forget that deception will have its reward on Judgment Day --- I think everything will probably work itself out... ;)

The Bible says to love - so, love.

The Bible says to forgive - so, forgive.

The Bible says to not think too highly of yourself - so, don't do that...

The Bible says to live [as] peaceably [as possible] with all men. Do the best you can.

Discussion is better than argument and/or debate.

Debate has its place, but is not the "natural default" for everyday communication. It is the exception and not the rule.

The 'rule' is 'fellowship'.

Do not underestimate its importance.

The world is in self-destruct mode.

Soon enough, there will be persecution like we have never experienced before.

We all need to start acting like we know just how much we need each other...

Don't give Satan a mile, an inch, a millimeter, or even a micron.

Enjoy your time spent here.

Try to keep it on the [positive] side - think edification.

That is why I had to post what I did. I tried to make it a thread but after a day and a half I picked the page with the most following and posted it. I could have just not said anything but my spirit and my concussions just would not let me.


Truth, Honesty, Love, Courage
Aug 10, 2019
@GaryA since you were the first to respond you receive a free

View attachment 240171

which I may have accidently eaten :whistle::whistle:
No doubt it was good...

Is there such a thing as a refill? Seconds?

Do I get to keep the plate?

How long before I will have the full collection?

Will it be a four-place-setting or eight?


Well-known member
Mar 1, 2019
It was good, really good hence my inability to resist.

No refills sorry. One is enough.

The plate must be returned for the next offer, which is randomly given.

No full collection, we are not McDonalds lol.

Neither four or eight unless you divide the pastry/donut/cake into four or eight but the others will need to supply their own plates.


Well-known member
Mar 1, 2019
I saw this comment underneath a song I was listening to

when I listen to this song, I break. When I break, He builds. When He builds, we heal


Well-known member
Mar 1, 2019
I seem to be talking to myself lol.
Well as of a few hours ago we got a new prime minister of Aus.
China was pushing for him to win.
What are we in for next?