Was Joe Biden wired up during the debate???

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Senior Member
Jul 31, 2013
Maybe the anchor for a backup feed? But where's he getting the feed from? Wireless ear buds are the most covert means of cheating during a debate.
I don't think Biden is well enough mentally to utilize data that would come to him via smart lenses. Which is what those are called in that lense theory.

They have many uses while in this case may take the place of beam splitters that we normally see set up on a stage during a political speech.
what's up his sleeve are the roasary beads he has daily worn on his wrist ever since his son died.

previously discussed.


Well-known member
Jul 3, 2020
what's up his sleeve are the roasary beads he has daily worn on his wrist ever since his son died.

previously discussed.
Yes, I saw that about the Rosary. However, knowing what Rosary beads look like that which is attached to Joe Biden's left sleeve is not any part of a Rosary.


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Jun 22, 2020
Is it as bad as it is here?
Our top Nazi has announced a new rule for covidfornia. And yes, this is real not a Babylon Bee satire article. Though it fits that far better than this assumed rule as the ideal reality in Newsom world.

Newsom: Wear Your Mask Between Bites in a Restaurant
Yea mate its worse... You guys can at least go to a restaurant. We haven't had that liberty for over 7 months now


Senior Member
Jul 23, 2013
Maybe everyone can take a breath for a moment in this Bible forum. Think how you're reacting to a simple error in choosing to post this thread in the wrong forum. How you're speaking to the OP member in this precious spot where we share in God's eternal word together.

It isn't the end of the world. It isn't sacrilege nor blasphemy. It is a simple mistake. Why not make a kind report of the OP to the board moderator and ask it be moved? In the time it takes some to be harsh about this, they could have done that already.

Speak to others as you'd have them speak to you?
Sounds familiar only in a different wording.
You're right, I wasn't thinking. My apologies to everyone.


Senior Member
Nov 24, 2012
Who needs wires with today's technology. That is so 1960-ish.
But I do believe Biden was wired in other ways.


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Sep 2, 2020
You are bending reality and dtruth on my faith.

As I have declared there is only one form of politics in my life, that of the Monarchy of Yeshua. You and your kind are so worried about the laws you are observing you do not see the King at all..

If you know the King you have experienced the graqce of faith and do not apply laws of Moses nor of your own to others for all have broken the law and breaking one law is breaking all of the law.

Learn the difference o betwen the two schools of thought. Apparently you are teaching modern forms of law.

Go ahead; look for reasons to condemn others and see just how your grace maintains.

Either you are under grace or under the law. I see no grace in politics of this age.
We are still I'm this world. God gave us a government that is the direct result of our conscience, so we can choose the path of this country by choosing our leaders. It's a cop out to use the excuse you are giving. We have a God given responsibility to be the conscience of our nations respectively. Remember Romans all authority is given by God. So God gave is this republic and has there by given is the ability to choose our leaders.


Senior Member
Jul 2, 2011
So if I feel as though this is not my country because I yearn for the Kingdom, it is a cop-out.

I live in Spain at present. From here I am able to see the entire content of the circle being outside observing.

I do not see anyone in a political stance as a Christian winning outsiders by their love, on the contrary, those political Christians seem to want to destroy any who do not tow their mark. They all are the cop-out.