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  • God bless you for your kindness. Do always keep in mind, I am not beyond error, nor will I be until Jesus returns for each of us, but never abandon me nor helping me along with all others your are here to help. Yahweh hold you close and keep you always. PS. I never receved da message in this manner, thank you.
    Dear JaumeJ, just want to say here that I love your posts! I learn from them, many Thanks!!
    I am going to have to take the time to read more of your posts and look up Spai I am not sure just where that is. I look forward to knowing you better as a brother.
    Friday 7-22-22 6th. Day Of The Weekly Cycle, Tammuz 22, 5782 32nd. Summer Day

    Thank you for following, and that we become better acquainted, Shalom

    Love, Walter and Debbie
    Thank you
    JaumeJ, are you near the La Palma eruption?
    No, I am on mainland Spai, however some of the blowout , fine that it is, has made it here. There are several dormant volcanos about 30 miles from here, and although they are dormant they could wake up some day.

    The coveraged of the erruption(s) is quite complete and equally amazing. God bless you for thinking of me..j
    Hello! I just saw your post in the "What it's like to be poor" thread. I'm so sorry for the things you suffered but am amazed and inspired by your gratitude and empathy. God bless!
    Please do not be under any misconception because of my post, my fautls are monumental, but then our Father is repairing us all while we remain in this age. May god hold you close always and bless you..j
    Thank you. Actually, I do not recall what I posted there, but I do recall poverty, and that is something all have when they do not have Jesus Yeshua. Keep Jesus always in you heart and walk. Certainly you do and will. j
    Hello my dear how are you doing Please can you contact me here for important discussion -- Reginareig43@ gmail.com
    It's like a personal wall on your profile. It's still visible to anybody that visits though so it's not "private" per se. It sends me a notification. I've been considering buying a membership so I can send private messages though. That way anyone that I message can respond whether they have a paid subscription or not. I didn't know what this was until 2 people posted on mine. I can't reply to your response though
    I cannot tell you how encouraging that was...thank you so much. Not often I have tears of joy and it was unexpected.
    Please let me know how this gets to you. Is this a conversation option or is this fromthe forum? I am not sure what it is but I am certainly overjoyed that you read and liked my post. The bottom line for us all is to alwys wait on the Lord for our understandign of His Word, never adding to nor taking away. YOu have blessed me heart and soul a few times, so do not stop your help in these times in Jesus, Yeshua.
    For all who may be wondering, I ddinot realize I had this feature in my profile, though I have seen it in others'. In the jargon of the street, this is a big duhhhh on my part, forgive me. I may have even been here myself, but not realizing it........sorry again. God bless all in Jesus Christ., now I will try to read what I have missed.
    If you have the option in your lower right text area where I send here saying "comment" you may click on it and reply… Thanks for the info.. I miss out on much with bhad vision...God bless you and thank you for your encourgment (edifications.)
    ¡Bendición, tío!
    Yes! And Thanks!
    It seems that His days are approaching soon and, whatever it ends up, it will be His will.
    I can cling to what His will is.

    Hello nephew. May all be well and blessed at evry turn.................j
    JaumeJ, God bless you!
    I do not know why feel that here is the mystery between the student and the teacher but will pray that the whole company of people to walk on the Christ`s way.
    Thank you Jaume
    Thank you.

    Thanks! You are right. I don´t know if those things are to avoid being spinning around wordly things and to concentrate on things He wants. The more a person closes his / her eyes, the more their hearts could be open to listening God´s: "Faith comes by hearing" and there are some other ways to listen to what He says.

    His time is coming near and I´m proud you´ve walked in His ways.

    I loved you, uncle. :o
    How are you, uncle Jack?

    Were your two eyes operated?

    Good! One in a while I be praying for a quick and complete healing. That will be a blessing! Most of the things we see are better understood and appreciate by sight, yet feeling by hearing.

    May the Almighty be with you always. :)
    ¡Bendición tío!
    Espero estés bien y, me imagino, ya tus ojos verán la luz como debe ser vista.

    ¡Te quiero mucho!
    I love dates......Thanks for showing me the snacks.
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