when you worship how does it physically affect you?

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Jan 19, 2009
I often wondered why, when in worship, different people do different things. We have all seen it and I now realize that the holy spirits presence affects us all in different ways.

Some people raise their hands up, some sing with all their might, some fall to their knees, some weep, some just have to sit down and bow their heads. The list could go on and on.

I am one who when it comes to worship will be singing and then am just overcome and begin to get choked up to the point i cannot sing anymore and tears well up in my eyes. I thought for the longest time that i was weird and tried to hide my emotions, but i have found that trying to supress the emotion that the spirit was filling me with was in a way trying to hide my love for god and to not let other people see that i was moved to the point of tears.

I just wanted to share this with anyone who is embarassed of how the spirit tells their body to react when gods presence is felt within you to the point that it is not a conscience reaction but one of the spirit. Praise god for all that he is.
May 21, 2009
Yha sometimes I feel him and I just cry. Sing louder. Sometimes just bow my head in his honor.
May 4, 2009
I usually just slowly rock from left to right, very slowy and very slightly. I don't know, is that God is or is it something I just do.


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Feb 24, 2009
worship isn't just singing in the 'worship' part of a service or dancing or praying to God in the part of the service.. it is an entire life principle.. worshipping God throughout everything in your life. Worship in the Word.. worship in song.. worship in tithing.. worship in small groups etc etc


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Dec 21, 2008
I cry, usually just cause Im so happy when its me and Jesus. Just over-whelms me, that he would come to live in my heart.
Jan 14, 2010
when it comes to worship... it overwhelms me on many levels... it seriously causes me to cry. I also sing, but not the melody... i tend to sing the harmony more than the melody, because to me the harmony is so much more beautiful than the melody. I've tried lifting my hands to the air, but they feel so heavy, and I'd rather fall to my knees in complete silence, because i guess there's a part of me that I'm in the very presence of Jesus.


God is not the author of confusion
Jan 8, 2009
You might cry, you might laugh, you might shout, fall over, or tremble or shake uncontrollably, maybe get into a trance or even fall into deep sleep, it depends.


"Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks."

"God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth." -John 4:23-24
Dec 21, 2009
I can feel the HOLY SPIRIT
breaking myself down
opening an awareness
of how minute and insignificant
that I trully am
how amazing the very presence of GOD
the POWER of HIS love
that HE has for me
and when I realize THAT I am experiencing
the manifestation
of HIS acceptance
I freely offer
all that I have to give
is complete submission and adoration
breaks my heart
and floods my soul
and I cry out
in tears of joy


i dont feel anything

feelings are works


i dont feel anything

feelings are works

Kraw, I'm truly sorry that you have been taught that God is not a God of emotion thus you should not feel emotion. Humans are creatures of emotion. We just can't help it. Pain hurts. Death is sad. Our children make us sometimes make us happy, sometime mad, sometimes proud, and sometimes worried.

While God is a soveriegn God and he is in complete control thus He need feel fearful or anxious as humans often do, God does in deed feel emotion, although His emotions are not tainted by sin or corruption, I hope you get the idea. Not only is this scriptural but if you consider the fact that we are made in his image... well... that's for you to realize.

"God is love." It doesn't say God feels love but that "God is love". He is the embodiment of all that is pure, righteous and holy.

Anyhow, it is not wrong to feel emotion during your worship or prayer times. The thing is not to allow those emotions to rule over your decission making process. We are to walk by faith, not emotion, and we obtain and grow in faith by hearing and studying the scripture.

However, that does not mean that we can not find pleasure in our faith through scripture. The thought that Gosd loves me unconditionaly... man that is an awesome feeling! To know that Christ gave his like for me makes me feel unworthy yet thankful. Hopefully you get the idea.
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I hope that the reason why so many try to rule out their emotions is because they want to supress the Holy Spirit from convicting us of the sin in our lives. Saved or not, the Holy Spirit is called "holy" because his role is to lead us into holiness thus conforming us into the image of Christ, which the bible calls the first born of many. I personally believe that many confuse the conviction of the Holy Spirit, which is basically grievance over sin committed thus and our need to turn away from such sin in order to become like Christ, they confuse conviction with condemnation, which is nothing more than the devil trying to convince that you are worthless, dirty, and unsaved. Keep in mind that Satan is the author of confussion thus he loves to pervert the truth with his lies.

We can not be lead into holiness if you refuse to follow the Holy Spirit's direction by dealing with the sin in our lives.


i dont feel anything

feelings are works

I understand where you're coming from and I have to agree with you. Feelings are fleeting, and to by ruled and lead by them is foolishness (it will only take you on a rollercoaster ride). With that said I know it's the Holy Spirit and not my own feelings because He gives me a "supernatural" feeling. What I mean by this is it surpases my understanding. It feels "warmer", more genuine, like its not coming from me. I'm more aware and relaxed, my mind is clear from confustion and I have joy. Nothing in this world gives me that feeling because He is not of this world.


Often times I feel an overwhealming sense of peace and love as if God was pouring out his beauty and grace over me.

There have been times when I have danced all over my apartment, totally overwhealmed with joy in the fact that the Creator of all things not only loves me but also has a special interest me.

There have been times when I have been overwhealmed with remorse because the Holy Spirit was convicting me because I had given into temptation thus exalting my love of the flesh over my love for God (which is an act of idolatry). Repentance is such a beautiful thing!

There have been times when I felt God was distant because I failed to respond to the Holy Spirit's conviction over an issue in my life. Not that God had distanced himself from me but rather I had isolated myself due to my own pride and selfishness. This where tings can get hard but repentance is necessary!

There have been times when I have felt God's burden to pray for someone else or some situation.

God does use our emotions to influence us. The thing is to answer appropriately to those emotions. Our emotions are nothing more than physical responces to our thoughts thus if we walk in faith we will not be overwhealmed with Satan lies and / or temptations.
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Jan 14, 2010
when it comes to the Holy Spirit, some people are simply more emotionally sensitive to the spirit than others... sometimes, when I'm doing Bible study, or praise and worship, i cry for no reason, and i dont understand why I cry...

there's nothing wrong with weeping in the Spirit


Senior Member
Aug 6, 2009
Usually when someone does not like to show emotions is because pride is in the way....you know..."cowboys don't cry" and stuff like that.


Dear Easygoing,

This may be exciting to you as you are sensing the "ease" to cry, or weep while worshipping. Our Loving Heavenly Father is ALWAYS wanting to cleanse and sanctify us, continuously. This process will not end until we leave these "fallen bodies" and take on our new heavenly bodies. I specifically minister to individuals that are stuck in all sorts of hurts, illnesses, pains from childhood, abuse, etc.

It is very encouraging to me to read what you wrote, because it is indeed an indication that the LORD is cleansing you from hurts, emotional pains, etc.
I ask of you, the next time your wonderful worship experience begins, in your mind, quietly ask the LORD if there are any pains, hurts, or individuals from your past (or present) that you have to release to HIM.

Forgive them if there is, (see yourself with the key and unlock THEIR handcuffs, and watch them walk away...) THE FREEDOM AND PEACE YOU WILL HAVE WILL BE BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS.

This is Your Loving Heavenly FATHER, freeing you simply because YOU ARE HIS, AND THAT'S WHAT A LOVING FATHER DOES...............HE MAKES ALL THE HURTS GO AWAY.

BE BLESSED.............



emotions are emotions

they are not spiritual

it is a huge error to say I FEEL spiritual

the worst thing you can do is say to someone after they are saved....

"How do you feel now"

:confused::confused:How am I supposed to feel?:confused::confused:

It is not pride to insist that your head rule your heart.

That is the best way to avoid wrong decisions.

It has nothing to do with suppressing the convicting work of the Holy Spirit

It has everything to do with NOT MISREPRESENTING HIM

I once heard of a guy that was saved while he was still hung over.

He felt like [email protected]

but he was still saved
Dec 21, 2009
GOD made us exactly like HIMSELF

GODs own emotions have destroyed people
even caused HIMSELF to repent for makiung us.......mankind

HE loved us soo much HE died for us
in the most horrific and shameful torrid death possible
and was beaten beyond all recognition
to save us from a burning eternity forever

IF GOD has emotions for us to commit HIMSELF to death for our salvation
we WHO ARE MADE in the image and likeness of GOD
in our worship to HIM