Where has Biblical Modesty gone???

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Aug 17, 2019
"Why is it seemingly and mostly the men that concern themselves with what Modesty means (for women) according to the scripture?"

I addressed both in the scriptures I referenced.

"And if Biblical modesty according to first century standards are for today"

The standard is created design and holy scripture not any particular place and time.

1 Samuel 16:7 concerns Samuel trying to find out who God was anointing king over rebellious Saul by looks. Similarly I can not tell by outward appearance whose God elect are. This is not about modest clothing, which scriptures I did list.

Proverbs 31 KJV (Hebrew also) also does mention her actual physical clothing. Context is needed.

I know very well the heart matters most which is why I addressed it in the scriptures I referenced:

I read the article at your site. Hearkens to Islam and their tenets, borrowed near in its entirety from Judaism and Christianity.
How do you attire yourself? Have a picture you might share?
Question: Would you also be u/Joulaaa ?


Junior Member
Jul 24, 2016
Islam?? I go through the Bible specifically in that link, a lot; there is not a shred of Islam in what I referenced.

I also have no idea about what "u/Joulaaa" is. Anyhow about the image, I will have to get back to you on that. In any case there was a dearth of scripture on this thread, and I mainly wanted to see if anyone would respond to those SPECIFIC scriptures from the word of God.
Jun 27, 2019
Biblical modesty? Like prophesying naked?


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Jul 2, 2011
As it says in Galations
Nevertheless what saith the scripture?

If there are any real Christians here, shame on you. There has been lots of talk about this topic, but very little scripture given. I am the admin of jahhouse.com, so here I go:

What saith the Holy Spirit to your heart on any Scripture. If nothing, you should wait for understanding.
Feb 26, 2020
It's responses like the many presented here that show why the world is the way it is and why no one takes us very serious. What a joke and sad state we are in. Truly pathetic, the excuses and reasoning are sad.


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Jul 24, 2016

There are times to be naked. Yes Adam and Eve were made naked. Yes a prophet was naked. Yes Jesus was forced to be naked being given over to the power of the wicked. Yes a lawfully wedded husband and wife can be naked together without shame. Yes a newborn can be naked without shame.

However, there are the far more common context of adults who are not the above, in public often. The holy scriptures, the word of God, that I listed are part of the basis for how the vast majority of people should dress. I will rightly divide the word of truth regardless of others.







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Apr 15, 2017
Where has biblical modesty gone.

Lower morals.

Wanting attention more.

Wanting their own way more.

Being more defiant as a way to express individualism.

Which a hypocrite is one who will have a mix of Christianity and whatever society they are influenced by that is normal operation in the nation of their sinful actions.

America will have a lot of hypocrites because they are involved in a lot of sin, fleshy pleasures, and worldliness so that will creep in to Churches.

Which they took prayer out of school, taught evolution, and many in society not believing in a God so they will start clinging unto the new age movement and their interpretation of the Bible as time goes on for that is what the children are being influenced with.

Which the Bible says many shall depart from the faith and follow the new age movement, and the time will come the world will want to hear the Bible according to the new age movement because of the belief of evolution that leads them to abandon a personal God and people are still evolving to be greater and spiritual as their prosperity and spirituality.

In America 1960's counterculture movement, have you own way, do your own thing, general defiance of authority, long hair, and then tattoos, piercings, people expressing their individualism like never before with the attitude do not tell me how to live, influenced with atheism, evolution, and homosexuality.

That will creep in to the Churches until it becomes majority that will make it fundamental belief that the truth is we evolved and are still evolving, no personal God but the God of forces, do not tell me how to dress and wear my hair and my make up situation, do not tell me what sexual partner I should have, and do not tell me I have to be married, and there will be no God that they believe in that would tell them otherwise so it will be about how they want to live their life for it is about evolution and no personal God.

It starts slowly and through the years it picks up steam until it is all about people in Christianity and evolution and no personal God.

And that is because the Bible is the most believed book in the history of mankind, and they do not want to get rid of it for they believe it holds truth but many interpret it according to how they want to hear it.

Like the Pharisees sent officers to take Jesus but they came back empty handed, and the Pharisees said why did you not arrest Him, and they said because no man ever spoke like this man before which Jesus spoke so boldly that they said we better leave this man alone for if He is telling the truth we do not want to be going against God.

And so it is with the Bible.

Other religions interpret it according to their religion, and Islam saying the Quran is the last book of the Bible and believing the Bible has truth but some of man, the prejudice interpret is as such, the occult interpret it as such, the people who enjoy sin interpret is as such that they are alright despite sinning, many with a belief not part of the Bible and it becomes their foundation for interpreting scriptures like the Roman Catholic Church, foundation of paganism, and the occult, and Joseph Smith and many others, many people believing it has truth but not all of it or believing what they want about it and not going to Church.

And now the belief about the Bible is turning to the occult, and evolution, and people are still evolving, although not so popular now but still many people go by it, but it will pick up steam and be the worldwide fundamental belief one day along with all religions interpreted that way that will lead the world to follow the New Age Christ, antichrist.

The thing with individualism is that is what they wanted, and they love the counterculture movement.

For they need a certain attitude to lead them to the kingdom they want to establish in the future, an attitude of high selfishness, arrogance, self exaltation, wanting to have their own way do not tell me how to live, immorality, not wanting to humble themselves before authority which the children honoring their parents is the first commandment with promise for they learn to be humble before authority and a greater chance to humble themselves before God.

For they wanted to break them apart and cause them to be individuals and cause them to be highly selfish, and arrogant, wanting to have their own way, because individuals do not care about people as much and do not care about their feelings so they will become more selfish, more arrogant, wanting their way with no regard for other people.

Which Jesus said since iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold.

And that is what happened in America for the individualism and the counterculture movement caused those attitudes, and the flow of money and material things, and fleshy pleasures to enjoy, and worldliness, caused them to seek those things basically caring about those things and themselves.

Then the attitude became people basically care about themselves with little regard for other people so you do not care about me, I do not care about you, and then get all you can get and forget everyone else, and trust no one, and they become more selfish and arrogant.

And the more they are selfish and arrogant, the more they do not like each other, and then the more they are selfish and arrogant, and then the more they do not like each other, and gets worse as time goes on.

And it will creep in to Churches and in to marriages.

People who do not care about other people, and their feelings will exalt themselves highly, and that is what they wanted.

And now that they are ripe for the picking and they are ready to put them back together and strip the individualism from them but with the attitude that is different than the 1950's.

For they say accept the homosexuals lifestyle, and no fat shaming, and no judging, and people saying they cannot say things in movies and television they could years ago to offend anyone, and Obama saying change is coming, and Trump let's make America great again, and all the things they do and say to try to cause people not to offend anybody and accept them for who they are.

Which will lead to the stripping away of the individualism of them and put them back together with the attitude they need to lead them in the direction they want them to go a world based on evolution, and they are still evolving, and no personal God.

And Republicans and Democrats, Right Wing and Left Wing, will do the same as they are brought together with the traits of both further causing the people to come together for it was planned out to be that way.

Set up 2 opposing forces for it gets everyone involved and then the 2 opposing forces come together and brings them all together which is why Republicans and Democrats are at each other more than before for the time is here to bring them together which means the nations will soon come together.

Clinton and Trump are actually working together and do not really believe all they say but playing their part of the opposing force.

With the Pope favoring Islam, and America involved in Arab countries for they would be the most stubborn, and United Nations, United Religions, and the chaos and problems to try to cause the world to come together.

And America and Russia as 2 opposing forces but they are actually working together to show the world that atheism, and spirituality, belief in a higher power are both true.

America-religious, spiritual, belief in a higher power, Russia-atheist, at both their start.

New age movement-atheist, but spiritual, higher power God of forces, or the power of nature as their higher power the evolutionary process which they are still evolving.

Atheism is now in America, Christianity in Russia, gets them used to both sides being true brings them together with the traits of both.

Atheist, but spiritual.

It all has to go down some day for the world will one day rebel against God.

Dan 12:10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

All you have to know is the nations will come together and rebel against God with an operation for the world that is not the plan of God, and do not follow them, and keep on claiming Jesus as Lord and Savior while the world hinders the Gospel from being preached, and you are alright.

For none of the wicked shall understand but if you understand count yourself wise and God is surely working with you.