Testimony part 2

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Senior Member
Apr 16, 2015
Psalm 40:1-3 My view on darkness. When one dwells within the passage way of darkness, one is very light, for one is in a freefall.Thought darkness is very black,it is also very light in how it attaches itself,but like a snake, it wraps around tighter, and chokes the life force outward, as it possess inward around both the mindset and the body of its occupant.

Darkness has a cycle to it.Much like a hurricane does.To the eyes it seems to have little or no effect,but on the spirit being itself,it cycles around it forcing the living spirit within us,to become consumed in the new cycle. This cycle I will call the fallen foundation,there is no bottom as one would expect,there is no end,and after only a few days, one cannot even remember how the darkness even started!

This was my state! And so it was after 2 days on a cold afternoon as I was walking around the campas of Cumberland College a voice from a great distant said behold this is your last chance. I looked around to see who had spoken this faint whisper to me,but there was no body around. I thought it must be because I have not sleep well,which I never really slept well anyway!

The horror at night seems like daylight,for the eyes are closed but the mind of the possessed eluminates light within,and pictures form as if you are in a movie,playing a part or role.When you wake, you act as though you never sleep at all.The mindset of a possessed human is far different then you could imagine.Your tired most of the time,your short with people most of the time, and worst of all your feeling and emotion wrap themselves around the darkness within ones self.

Sound is louder,colors are far more radient and bold then to most humans,and perception is applified to the max! The spirit within you, thinks for you,you come to depend on not being your real self anymore,for the snake has taken all power and breath from your body to its domain.

You don't care anymore, about anyone or anything,you just want life to end.About 3 days later a guy by the name of Darrell Wilson was given my room to share. I was not real happy, but understood this may take place. he said hey brother nice to meet you. HEY!!!! Let's get one thing straight right now!!

I am not your brother, or a friend, we just have to room together! Ok bro he said!! I hated him already!! Spell time for this cracker! BUT!!! What is this??? he is reading the bible?? Why he is praying and believing the Lord??? No spell here,he even knows the bible!!

Can't risk it with this one,what to do now I thought!! I did everything I could to give him a bad day,I have met so called believers before and have always worn them down! But this guy!!! HUMM!! After some 4 months he never changed!! He would wake up praising the Lord in prayer,another 2-3 hours reading his bible everyday!! And then always say hey bro praying for you!! I hate that!! LOL

I wake up as if a giant weight is on me,which it was,and he wakes up with a great big smile and thanking Jesus for me and for his day!! it is now feb 17,1984, time about 11pm one day before Jesus comes to me personal. a knock comes to the door,Woody, that is what everyone called him,he was also a hot shot golfer on the college team to!

He sure knew I was not going to open the door,I pretended I was asleep! He gets off the top bunk to answer the door,its a member of the varsity baseball team, almost in tears,and he said to woody, oh brother I know that Jesus lives in you, will you please pray for my badly sprained arm,i am suppose to pitch tomorrow? He said sure brother come on in.

I am still pretending to be fast asleep, but I am hearing every word!! LOL So Woody begins to pray lifting up Holy hands before the Lord, and placing one of his hands around the players elbow,I call upon thee oh mighty Jesus to now touch this brother and restore his arm to your glory and to a testimony of such a loving graceful Lord! SNAP!!! I hear this snap???

The room is silent for about 30-45 sec, then cheers!!! YEA!!!! Praise the Lord oh thank you mighty Jesus for you loving kindness!! I let them have it!!! HEY!!!! I have an early class tomorrow, do you mind!!Oh sorry brother he said!! He did it again!!!

I hate him calling me that!!! So they both left skipping like two little children praising the Lord on the way out! Feb 18 8am the day my life changed forever! I had a class but had no intention on going to it!! The baseball team was playing an early game,it was of course a practice game, it is Feb. after all! I went to the game, and there was the player who went to our room last night pitching!!

I could not believe it!! I spent some time watching him waiting for his arm to give way but it never did!! Time 4pm I decided to eat something before I went back to the dorm room, as Woody had bible studies which last till about 6pm,but I was not hungry for some reason,so I went around the campas for a while, heading back to the dorm room,I told Woody when his bible studies were over to open the binds and shut off the light so I would know I could arrive back, which he always did.

Blinds were open, light was off, so I went in. Time now close to 9pm, I tuned on the light,closed the door,and there was this power in the room I had never felt before!! Its hard to describe,I was shaking?? and crying?? What the heck is going on here???? A door opened, oh my Lord it is woody coming back, I cannot let him see me in this aweful state!!

I ran to the room across from our dorm room, it was the mop closet.closed the door put the pail upside down so I could sit on it,and started sobbing like a baby!! It was so bad I had to put both hands over my own mouth!! A great light entered the room,and I could not look,but hid my eyes from it,and from this light a voice like the sound of many waters spoke these words!! " I am he, the first and the last, the beginning which has no end and I say unto you,I have always been with thee,all that is mine is yours,for in heaven we celebrate For you were once dead but are now alive,and you were lost but have now become found!( Luke 15:31-32)

I fell backwards hitting my head on the door which then opened, only to find Woody there with a great big smile on his face!! Who said behold the Lord in me would speak unto you,( james 5:16) The prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much! Shaking so bad my teeth were chatting,I could barly get out the next words to him! Woody I know Jesus is real and true,if he will have me, I will serve him only for the rest of my life no matter what! He said he will have you brother,the Lord told me this would happen to you,and told me you have a bad spirit inside you, so please also meet my pastor who came with me!

We then went inside the dorm room and closed the door. I started to sit down when they were commanding the evil spirit to leave me!! What evil spirit are you,that was it!!! I left my body and rose above where they were,i saw what they were doing,I saw how my body was winding up like a snake,but also above me something else I was seeing!!( 2 Cor 12:2-6!!!) My spirit I think it was my spirit, not really sure to be honest,came to a place where I call paradise,I saw the gates of heaven to my right,and before me, was this foul terrible smell of both smoke and flame moving towards me.

I was on a high place,I was on my knees, when the gates of heaven opened,Jesus who was walking but above the ground walking moved toward the smoke and fire,I only saw Jesus from the side,and he looked not at me but his eyes were fixed upon what was drawing near to me!

He was dressed in white,and a crown was upon his head with words I could not see,his eyes became red as he moved his hand over the smoke and fire,I came back inside my body at this point. Time now 1am. 2 of the 3 windows in the dorm room had busted out,and people were coming over to see what all the noise was going on!!

I looked at myself and was covered in black soot,as if someone took ashes from a fireplace and threw them upon me!! They then began to calm the nerves of so many people who saw the windows smash but no rocks,or anything which could have broken these windows! Woody helped calm them, as they knew woody was a believer.time about 2:30am I gave my Life to Jesus Christ our Lord,and then they asked me do you know of Holy Spirit, that he will give you a prayer language of your own??

They Took me through many scriptures of course,I told them I did not know of a Holy Spirit as such. They all began to pray in a language I did not know?? So I said if Jesus wants me to have this I want it then!! Closed my eyes and with everything I could muster I listened for instruction,cause I needed it !!

LOL Lighting bolts were flashing letters in my mindset,the pastor full of Holy Spirit said speak out the words that the Lord is giving you,I did, and a flood of love came over me! I was melted by God's LOVE !! And then word for word The Lord spoke through the words by my pastor I said which I did not understand,and translated word for word to this!!( Isaiah 41:9-13!!)

As all of you, I have had my ups and indeed many valleys,but I am NEW!! I can sleep now!! My mom and brother 3 years later received Jesus and welcomed me back,my mom has since gone on to be with the Lord.But brothers and sisters I am FULLY CONVINCED in OUR JESUS!!!! ( 1 Tim 1:12-14!!!) and rom 8:37-39!!!! may this bless all who read.and let them who have ears hear the words of a servant! God bless you all!!( 1 Cor 1:4-9!!!!!)


Staff member
Nov 4, 2014
I just started reading this 2 Part but I appreciate the concept of fallen foundation. I totally agree with this.


Senior Member
Apr 16, 2015
It is rare the one who is possessed can relate after. But with the Lord's wisdom( 1 cor 1:30-31) we can!


Wow........Powerful testimony brother.......see how our God is....as He brings salvation......wow again.....ty so much for being real and sharing your story......Jesus came to set the captives free......i love the parts where God showed up with you His presence His voice....you could not run away from His love......wow .....God bless you brother brighthouse....:) amen amen amen ....shout it from the mountain tops the goodness of our God.....love in Christ Sherril.....


Senior Member
Apr 16, 2015
We all know what it is to have our and suddenly!!( acts 16:25-30) For when Jesus is present where is there one can wish to go??? ( verse 28) I had my verse 26 that day for sure!! LOL To be set free by Jesus himself,one is free indeed!!( john 8:36!!) Blessing sis!! And thanks for taking the time to write!