Can a man love ONLY ONE woman?

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Active member
Feb 16, 2020
but isn't it a destructive kind of jealousy that asks a person to give up any love for anyone else, not just sexual intimacy, but loving thoughts, loving words, loving deeds?
in my mind, i wonder how else could a married man or woman have any friend apart from their spouse, or truly do good to even an acquaintance, if they are not allowed to have & express love for them?
There are varying degrees and expressions of love. Care and regard are frequently lumped in when their intentions are usually less sacrificial.

In my life, the love I feel for my companion is demonstratively different from others. Not solely due to intimacy. But also the measure of respect and admiration I feel which exceeds the same in relation to someone else.

On the other hand, my best friend occupies a unique place. Our connection was woven spiritually and the bond is deep. It’s impossible for someone to receive the same response. And her specialness warrants regard and accommodations on her behalf I wouldn’t extend to other persons.

Both inspire a depth of feeling which compels my benevolence. The love I feel for my friend doesn’t compete or diminish my love for my partner. Nor is it systematically applied to other people. Each connection has its own variation that’s unique to our bond. I don’t love everyone identically.
Feb 26, 2020
Yes it is very possible. Remember what you read in the scriptue isnt somthing that necessarily is okay to God. Yes polygomy and adultry and all that nasty stuff is in there but God in his infinite wisdom showed us that these people are just like us and they sin as we do. I used to view it as why did God allow this and that but when you see these things done in the scripture you see the out comes of these sins. Think David and adultery. Yes a man and a woman can only love each other.
Dec 30, 2019
Is it possible that a man can ONLY LOVE ONE woman?
They say this is possible. The Hasidic people practice this sort of monogamy. The Rabbi spend a lot of time working with young girls to prepare them to be faithful to her husband even before they meet him. They touch upon this in the Movie: "A Stranger Among Us". There is also a promise keeper movement in the Christian community where young girls save themselves for their husband and do not get involved with dating the way the world does. Even we see this played out with the Dugger family on TV. The young man has to talk to the father first before he can date the daughter and they are not allowed to be alone with each other. They have to take a younger brother or sister along whenever they are together. They are not allow to even hold hands until they are engaged. So there are some conservative people that are very strict in this regard. They claim this not even so much the parents as just what the younger people work out and have figured out among themselves as they pray and are being lead by God.
Dec 30, 2019
But, can a man LOVE ONLY ONE WOMAN - his spouse preferably?
There is some research on the Prairie Voles that mate for life. This is based on the oxytocin and vasopressin hormones.

Also love grows over time. The longer people are together the more they love each other. They talk about old people holding hands and how cute they are that they love each other so much.