Cheating husband

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Junior Member
Nov 26, 2013
Frankly, it could just be a passing phase.
I feel that this is terrible advice as well. After having my wife tell me how her affair of 1 year started with an "understanding man"... I am VERY suspect of this being a passing phase. Seeking a Christian Counselor is crucial, and having him cut off ALL communications with her, IF there is any chance of it being an affair.

The red flag with me is that he said he wouldn't stop talking with her.

THAT is the issue I was having when I confronted my wife about her affair. After seeing a counselor, she told me that it is a normal response when someone is having feelings for someone and they are asked to stop. Again, it screams of "warning signs"... NOT "passing phase"

Have a blessed day,


Junior Member
Dec 30, 2013
Is your husband a Christian? If he is then he should understand about offending God by not honoring his marriage vows. Satan is tempting him away from you AND away from God. He needs to realize that. Love is a choice and an act of will much more than it is an emotion. Some confuse love with lust.

Praying for your hurt...may the Spirit lead you and comfort you. Keep praying for him and talking to him...he may need your strength to resist temptation.
Yes my husband is a Christian , he was a Christian when I first met him..but as he told me that he does not know what's happening with him, he even stopped going to church because he knows he's guilty of having an affair and he does not want to face God because of this..


Junior Member
Jan 16, 2014
Turn to GOD for the answer. The scriptures. You don't need a pastor to tell you anything. TRUST GOD. It has already been told what constitutes divorce and what does not.