If this happened to you

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Jan 25, 2018
Thanks for the responses guys. At least I feel better now.

Sorry for the miscommunication but I was aware of this 5 years ago. I was offended because I treated my cousin like any normal person would, like family. I didn't do much because I was moving out of that city in a month or two or maybe I just pussy'ed out . . . I mean out of all the people, who would expect family do to such a weird thing???? Who does that today anyways???

For him to go out and do something like this is just disgusting. Plus then lying about it really pissed me off.

My mistake was I should have dealt it right then instead of waiting for my Dad to take action first.

I should have kicked his a** on my own time.

He was working in our company and my dad hired him so I wanted to see how he will respond first.

Needless to say, I'm keeping my distance from both. As he didn't fire him or anything.

Jesus will help me move on and thx for this community here. I feel good.

PS: Some of you guys have awesome sense of humor btw :) - Thx a lot!
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