When is the last time you smiled?

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Senior Member
Jun 30, 2015
Is the difference an evolutionary thing and once upon a time we smiled for the same reason wolves smile today-?
You probably won't get too much support around here on the idea that the difference is evolutionary! :)

Wolves and other canids don't "smile"; they draw back their lips to protect them from damage. Humans withdraw their lips for the same reason, but a relaxed expression of pleasure on the face also causes the lips to part. I suspect that since the Bible mentions God smiling (Job 10:3), rejoicing (Isaiah 62:5) and delighting (Psalm 147:11), the difference appears to be due to the fact that we as humans are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27).


I smiled real big an hour ago....
From a gentleman's testimony at church

Praise you Jesus! Thank You Jesus!

A diabetic gentleman in our church was admitted into the hospital after feeling ill.
Cat Scanned his heart. Doctor told him he had two black spots on his heart and he needed further tests next day.
The man at church began to pray, and he called our pastor, and asked if he would come to the hospital and pray for him.
My awesome and very kind pastor meets the man in his hospital room to pray for him.
As our pastor in prayer accidently spilled the anointing oil in the floor after prayer
The man told our pastor....." It was no big deal....it would be cleaned up"

Our pastor leaves and the man at church said to himself " I'm going to go stand in the blessed oil and praise Jesus...before the oil is wiped up"

So he did!
Later that day....when further tests were ran on his heart.
Doctor said " I can't understand what happened..but there isn't a thing wrong with your heart!"

We ALL knew....
It was Jesus!

Praise God! Praise God!

So that was my last BIG smile lol
Cause I just got home from church.

God bless you all!


God bless our church and wonderful pastor!
Beautiful day at church!
Thank you Jesus!


Just now! Lol
Giggled actually...

I just remembered when I was 5 years old....
Grandma and Grandpa took me ridin around the city to see all the Christmas lights!

When we drove past a nativity scene in one yard...
Grandpa said to me...
" Look little doll! Why there stands John and Mary and the baby Jesus right there!"

My Grandma replied...
" That's JOSEPH and Mary....not John you ol silly goose!"
Grandpa said...
"Well they are both a 'J'....sheesh!"

My Grandma just smiled and rolled her eyes :)
Dec 25, 2015
I'd say 50/50. Some find Christmas very tough and others find Christmas all gushy and warm. Now a smile isn't just for a special occasion, I think that a simple smile whether an eye sparkling smile or just a simple grin can and always does spread from person to person. In other words it's contagious. So smile at everyone you see...;):D I could be wrong thought too


This just made me smile.