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  • Looking good Dino :)
    This is Amos from Nigeria, West Africa. I wish to be your friend. I am 57 years old man. I saw your profile on www.Christian chat.com and interested. I am God fearing, honest, humble with sense of humour. I am a committed christian. I have full commitment for friendship. I am Asst. Chief Executive Officer in the Federal Government Establishment here in Nigeria. My hobbies are: writing, making friends, travelling etc. My weight is 75Kg while my height is 1.80cm respectively. I hope that we can be friends. If you are interested, please write back so that we can begin to share more about ourselves in the next mail or if you are on WhatsApp? Please send me your number so that we can chat. Thanks and God bless you.

    Email: [email protected]
    WhatsApp: +2348128263995
    My dear friend...I would love to sleep. For some reason I am steady to toss and turn...
    Hi ya Dino! How are ya?
    Thank you so much, Dino. I greatly appreciate it, more than you know. :) God's blessings to you, and thank you for being such a caring, supportive person.
    does this make any sense at all to you?
    Hi nice to meet you!

    Love & Hugs!
    Bella xo :) <><<
    Just wanted to say hi and God Bless...hope you're well.
    Hi Dino! How's it going?
    Hey, what's your take on dispensation? It makes perfect sense to me except my understanding is that with dispensationalists believe tongues has already ceased, which I know is not the case.
    Yeppers! But that's with Him in every thread...
    Sometimes it's like beating a dead horse to cross the finish line. The horse has got it in his head that he's done and nothing's gonna get him to understand you want him to keep going.
    Dino, thank you for always being so kind in supporting many of the things I write here in the forums. I greatly appreciate it, as well as your defense of women whenever the "keep 'em hog-tied and quiet!" threads pop up in the BDF. Thanks for being here and God bless.
    How are you doing tonight? Did you stop to rest yet?
    Too bad no driving partner ;) road trips are fun!
    Very,very slowly...feeling kinda down right now. It will get better. Just having one of those moments...a spiritual battle of sorts. How about things with you?
    Just scrolling down and saw this, I'm a good listener, what's up? Battles...I'm very familiar with those!
    It's so true how the Lord grows us. I have learned so much about love, relationships, trust, do's, do not's. I went through weaknesses that He turned into strengths...even though He had to work on me and pull me back to Him as I strayed. I'm sorry that you had to endure the hurt and heartache...but what an incredible gift it has become!
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