wow it has been along time....

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Senior Member
Mar 19, 2016
Hello everyone I cant believe it has been over a year sense I have been here. Goodness this year has flown by. I have been working a bunch this last year. I had to get a newer car so now with the added bill I have been out busting my hind end to cover then new expense. I have missed you all here. Just wanted to drop in and let you know i am all okay just extremely busy. Still working on fixing some life issues but I have been feeling better in some areas of life. still trying to plan on finishing my school maybe not in as big of a hurry to do that as I was. still working on trying to live by myself. So i do have more things to accomplish but I am doing okay. God bless all of you all ..


Senior Member
Jul 3, 2015
Hello Jennifer, thank you for keeping us apprised of your progress :) I do not know you that well, but do remember that you used to post quite a bit about your challenges in an abusive relationship, and problems with your back, both of which I hope have improved for the better :) Congrats on your new car! And best wishes with the continuance of your education. I am glad to hear you are feeling better :)


Senior Member
Jan 15, 2017
Hello Jennifer,
It is good to have you back with us. As you already know, there are many caring people here at CC.

It is so important that you finish your education. Also I truly hope that your domestic life improves. Yes, hope is so very important in our lives....tomorrow will be a better day.

Best wishes Jennifer. May our Heavenly Father bless you richly. :)