Grieving Students Walk Out of Vigil

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Grieving Students Walk Out of Colorado School Shooting Vigil: ‘This Was Not About Us’

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colorado—A day after two students shot up a school, survivors walked out of a vigil organized by gun control advocates, saying they felt excluded from what should have been an opportunity to grieve.

Team Enough and Moms Demand Action helped promote the Wednesday evening gathering, and more than 100 students and several hundred parents from the STEM School packed into the gymnasium bleachers, hoping to find community and catharsis.

But after sitting through remarks by Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) and Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), and realizing the program was centered around changing gun laws, students who had hoped to speak lost patience and walked out en masse.


Idiot in Chief
Staff member
Jan 15, 2011
This was only about 45 minutes north of me.

It was sad to see what was supposed to be a vigil for the student that was killed turned into a political event for the anti-gun lobby. I was impressed to see the students standing outside in the rain making it about what it was supposed to be rather than what the politicians standing inside decided to turn it into.


Yes, it's extremely sad, and shameless that these Dem lobbyists seized the opportunity to advance their political agenda and totally disregard these grieving young people. I'm proud of these students who chose to walk away and refused to be their target. God bless them!


Senior Member
Jan 18, 2011
it' s so sad that here in America, everything has become politicized.

we have gone from a " government for the people , of the people , by the people " to now having a government that operates under " never let a good crisis go to waste" . ( rahm Emanuel , former Obama chief of staff said that ).