When is it gonna be enough?

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Senior Member
Feb 16, 2015
I'm not gonna be debating God and his role in the evil of this world or whatever. What I am going to say is something that needs to be said.

We've had yet another school shooting yesterday morning in Texas. We've had yet another wicked, truly evil person walk in freely and murder eight students. If that does not outrage you, you are not human and have no pulse.

The last thing we need to offer are just "thoughts and prayers." Thoughts and prayers are not enough anymore. God hates gun violence. Period. And so should we.

How many school shootings is it going to take for the church to wake up to the fact that there are truly evil people in this world? That Satan has made it clear he is not going to play fair? Does it have to go so far as to seeing their own children murdered? I'm all for the second amendment, but is it worth defending at the cost of these kids lives?

Bottomline, this is all outrageous and disgusting. All of us, liberals, conservatives, Christians, Atheists, whatever! We all need to start sending demands our police and politicians and gun manufacturers, "DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!"

"History will not look kindly upon those elected officials who failed to act in the face of repeated mass murders of our children. Spare us your thoughts and prayers and do your job." - Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings
The moment a gun manufacturer can rewire from a distance the mind of that which intends to commit mass murder is the day we no longer witness suicide bombers acting in the name of the cult of peace. (probably a typo and meaning to say, cult of pieces). We'll not see terrorists in the USA using vehicles to mow down innocent people and we won't see anyone beating people, knifing people, or shooting innocent people.

Gun's are not and never have been the issue. The first murder in recorded history occurred using a rock!
If we lose sight of that we are doomed.

And there is nothing wrong with praying for the victims of terrorism and mass murder in America or anywhere at all.
What doesn't make news as readily as mass murderers using guns are those who used guns to save lives from those with murderous intent.

The government disarmed Great Britain years ago. Do you know what the most common offensive weapon in Scotland is today?
That's up close and personal murder.

Gun's aren't the problem. Homicidal intention, homicidal minds, are the problem.