Wilders puts Europe on notice: No more Islamization

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Jul 18, 2017
The imprisonment of Tommy Robinson for attempting to expose the cover-up or Muslim rape gangs by the British government has brought a huge response from people in the UK and Europe asking to free Tommy. The government has been banning people who speak out against Islam, what is happening to Europe as a result of encouraging Muslim to promote Islam as well as commit crimes against non-Muslims. So Tommy's imprisonment was another attempt at cover up and ban free speech.

Populist politician Geert Wilders from the Netherlands opposed this trend in his country, but did not win in the last election for Prime Minister. He visited the UK recently and boldly spoke out in support of Tommy Robinson as well as the end to Islamization. This article is very informative and also shows how he has put all European governments on notice regarding th betrayal of their own citizens.


Jun 6, 2018
London has its first ever Muslim Mayor. I don't think it is a coincidence that that arrives after England's policies conceded to Islam's demands. And at the expense of citizens security and freedom to speak against it. And all this arrived after Parliament disarmed citizens in the UK.
What a different picture we'd see , if it was at all reported by English press, if an Islamic rape posse were shot dead by their female target who was carrying a Glock concealed.

Europe is now what the Islamic wars hoped to accomplish generations ago but failed due to the crusades. I imagine Churchill having combusted in his tomb after an enormous amount of friction from the spinning.


Senior Member
Jul 22, 2012
We already covered this in the following thread. I won’t repeat it.

By the way I live in the UK and in the city where the criminal case,
and protests were held so I know this stuff first hand.

Robinson and the EDL are violent thugs with criminal records.
His actions in disrupting a court case and having to conduct a
retrial at the cost of 100,000s to the country are nothing to do
with the actual Muslim crime at all.

If you support Robinson and the EDL it is pretty much the equivalent
of supporting the Nazi party or the Klu Klux Klan. Americans may think
Robinson is God’s gift and standing up against Muslims. But he is a very
violent man and you would not want him living next to you. The EDL
also don’t like Jews, other races who are not white and also Christians.
They are the thin edge of the white supremacy thinking. They originated
from the British Nazi Party.