Just to Vent

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Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
Random vent, after flood events around the world,
and when inundating news updates follow unpredictable paths,
but with predictable characteristics. Billions of stories exist,
but the same topic envelops the majority of news coverage,
no matter the political or economic take. Note, this is based on
limited perspective. And it is not a claim for others to embrace.
But it is one person's perspective, or one person thinking about motives of media.

Aggregating the aggravating, news is what's hot... for the moment,
but let it cool, let the cycle run its course and, of course,
what's still agitating will be forgotten. by most daily hosts.
And only the ghosts of an old campaign will rise through ignition of a smear campaign.
The innocent are laid to rest, only for untold stories to be hashed out,
for another's payout. No matter how long one's been in the ground, or how long one worked the earth before.
Slanted headlines and selfish bents will take advantage of lives spent.
And someone will hear or read, and many will recite, while others distort.
All for the buzz, the adrenaline rush or distraction.
Who to blame for loss?Who to credit for success?
Whatever happens, lost lives and old news will lose views
unless injected with objection, interjections, self-promotion.
The cycle continues. Aggregating the aggravating.

Anyways, this is September 24, 2018/ IDEA


Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
Walking through an aisle of dusty cob-web wearing books, I find myself wondering about the world closing in.
But then in faith I look, while seeking for my answer, and watching in disgrace, I scour the literary labyrinth's hall for my longed escape.
I can pretend. I can distract. I can self-help. I can delay. I can learn to act, and can read about a million different ways to pray.
I feel smaller, though the space confines, smarter even though the walls articulate better than I,
And the room seems brighter when colorized by imagination caught on papers and, gulp, plastics.
But this "cave of wonders," more daring though accessible than to Aladdin, it is darkened by my shadows. And I can hardly read.
Not knowing where to turn, and mesmerized... I start to sing. And immediately following there is a prayer on my lips.
And it is not out of haste, nor reaching for a hidden gem. But it is from a kid seeking someone he trusts.
To my God, I reach. And he guides me to the Father's ongoing blessing. I find what I was needing. Himself.
O, and the book I keep seeking, in disorganized abyss. In His time, so I believe, He'll show me it.

This random reflection is after going to a second-hand book store, when my work unexpectedly had called me out for the day.
Prior to running across or intentionally planning to visit a book store, I found myself asking for prayer about a business book that would teach me about "LLC." Well, I was not finding a book that popped out until I decided to ask the Lord. "God, it would be really cool if I could find ________!!! You've got be kidding. Thanks, that was fast." Yes, just as I was to finish my sentence of lackadaisical though intentional prayer, I saw the title "How to start an LLC" (or something like that).

People will chalk this up to serendipity or psychological, but I praise God for His Spirit. I praise God that He does hear when we cry.
And that He knows our deeper needs, but He also seems to care about those fickle wants.

Still, life can be dusty and I do seek for His Continued Provision, Himself.
He is All I Need.

"Thanks' God"
In Jesus' name,


Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
That feeling of when it all comes together,
you know, like when you were packed tightly in layers of warmth as a child, more than a pro snowball fort protector's compacting of ice.
Yes, you were ready to face the day, the cold, and any contest--
but then, at just the wrong time, you needed "to go."

Man, mittens are the worst in cases like this.
Unless one's adept to teeth-clinched glove-wrangling.