Some time ago I wrote a poem about Christmas

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New member
Feb 19, 2022
I tried writing a Shakespearean sonnet about Christmas about 2 months ago. Shakespearean sonnets consist 10 syllables in each line with 14 lines total and ABAB/CDCD/EFEF/GG rhyme scheme. I wanted to challenge myself to write something more difficult in English (which isn't my native language) and here it is. Please tell me what you think about it, I look forward your feedback :)

'The Absence'

Sisyphean struggle it was, one may say
to provide cuisine for plentiful kins.
The works are done; upon this unique day
the house may now feast like medieval kings.

For filled with fare stomach opens your heart
yet senses of yours drift into slumber.
Beware though because it's about to start
wish making with a countless folk number.

'Behold gift-giving, you surely jested
stating that it matters for all but you.'
Consoled and joyous I lastly rested
In my den of thoughts with a snowy view.

Were it for my thoughts not to die in vain
I'd ask: what do we celebrate again?