❤What type of person do u like ❤

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A heart at rest
Nov 27, 2014
I understand that, my manner is different and i get that. I can see how some words i use can be out of context, however misunderstandings happen everywhere.

This is a text forum and we are n various places in the world, that is what causes the confusion.

So with that said, it would be helpful to be more open to the discussions instead of shredding each other apart.

I mean that towars everyone, myself included that is why i wrote my responce.

Words without verbal words can be mistaken very badly because not everyone sees everyones point of view.

That is why one time i posted my voice on here thru youtube.

However we should as a whole get a long, then we should understand and be more open to each other

On my part? Never yelled or even got mad i pulled away by my own doing. When i was at the doctor i had it planned out to explain wht i meant and to apologoze for anything i may have said wronf.

I have done that but not in the forums the person and i are not mad we carried on a great conversation as brother and sister in Christ should.

And trust me i will not put a camera on my life just to tell u guys everything, i do have some privacy.

I write how i write and feel how i feel to a solid degree.

I write what i am lead to write by God's spirit.

I also change the subject alot to avoid any miscomings. Meaning this, if anyone tells ke something theb i change the subject that dont mean i dont care because i do it means why go down that dark road that broke ur hearts in the first place?

In time things coulda been said and expressed as a whole but it was not God's time to expeeas things that hurt a person the most.

I get that because I never feel right aaking until God places it in my heart to do so.

A person's business is their business. It is up to them male ir female to explain in their own way no matter what to make themelves feel more relaxed to the conversation.

I had that twice it seems frim here i wont go into detail but we should all as a whole as questions without jumping to conclusions.

Not everything ahould be done in the open thats why i went to chat.

And i did take the person off ignore after i thaught it all out.

ANd their responce was kind they explained and i explained.

And we both agree that to judge by apperences is to know the demeanor of the person as a whole and not by the psysical good looks but as to see them thru thir self emptions.

That is the understanding i have from the conversation maybe they do too.

God Loves you all and so do i.


Senior Member
Dec 31, 2015
I start with a pulse and words. After that, God directs me. Hopefully I am sensitive.


As someone who is very shy and socially awkward...I like friendly men. I want the opposite of what I am. I need a man who has friends and likes to go out because if I marry someone like me, then we'll always just be at home.
Also...I like tall white guys. lol :ROFL:
Jun 14, 2016
Mm, this is a good question.

I want someone who is kind and genuine. Someone who loves me for who I am and will stick by me. Someone who loves others and is confident in herself. Not in a headstrong kind of way, but in the Proverbs 31 kind of way (“she perceives that her merchandise is good”). Someone who can listen and really see and draw out the best in people.

Maybe she’s just imaginary, but hey, with God all things are possible, am I right?

I know everything won’t always be hunky-dory in a relationship and that they really take work. Two people with a fallen nature doing life together while pursuing Christ together can get messy. But as long as Christ is the foundation, I really believe they can overcome any obstacle and grow into an intimacy and character like the one I’ve described above.
May 20, 2017
A very good question, indeed. I would start with, someone who loves the Lord and not just in words, but in deeds, and not just in front of people, but with his whole heart, in good times and bad, and behind closed doors when no one else is around.


Senior Member
Feb 22, 2018
A very good question, indeed. I would start with, someone who loves the Lord and not just in words, but in deeds, and not just in front of people, but with his whole heart, in good times and bad, and behind closed doors when no one else is around.

I guess if I was looking, I'd want someone like what you wrote, Hispeace.


Senior Member
Aug 13, 2014
Man, now that beat is stuck in my head!
You think that's bad, try listening to Jamie Grace songs. Many of her songs use the same base rhythm as that tsundere song. You'll be humming one for the rest of the day.