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Feb 14, 2018
This is the cost of learning about Aussies LOL

Glossary » Units » Thermal Conductivity » Watt Per Meter Per Celsius Degree. Watt Per Meter Per Celsius Degree (W/m-°C) is a unit in the category of Thermal conductivity. It is also known as watts per meter per Celsius degree, watt per metre per Celsius degree, watts per metre per Celsius degree.

As an American I go - "Huh?"


LOL Sorry Mr Peabody :D


Senior Member
Mar 13, 2014
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Yay!!!!! I have 63 cakes....I like cake Pineapple upside down cake my favorite...
Yay!!! I have 63 cakes too. No candles though, and still waiting on the balloons. Looking forward to sharing that scrumptious cake with you. it is almost as sweet as you are.