Laundry Mat

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Senior Member
Mar 13, 2014
I did a wash last week at the laundrymat but took it home to dry on the line as didnt have time, and I knew it was going to be sunny. Because its the middle of winter here the washing takes longer to do some weeks it just piles up.

I like summer because its easier to do washing. I am not a person who uses the dryer much. Its very noisy and consumes so much electricity. While we have one, it hardly gets used.

I do wonder why youd even buy one if youve got space to have a washing line and able to air dry your clothes for free. I could think of better things to spend money on and more space in the laundry room for food.
Actually, we have space for a clothes line in our backyard. The laundry room in our house is a bit cluttered too. Yes, you can save a little money on electricity by air drying but it doe take time to hang up the wet clothes to dry and then take down. They smell nice and fresh though.