Lets laugh together!

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Daughter of the True King
Mar 28, 2018
Nope, that's legit.

I live in southwest TN though. Doesn't cost much to live here.
My bad, but hey if it doesn’t cost much to live where you are then sign me up!


Folksy yet erudite
Aug 13, 2014
Well now I don't know cinder, it might still work for pets. Somebody comes over here and then starts complaining about my cat, I could just bring out that flamethrower and say, "Here, let's give this thing a try. It's a new kind of allergy remedy from Claritin."

Why I bet those complaints would dry up before I even turned the thing on.


Active member
Mar 3, 2019

"Hey! Listen guys, you all know that we are food for these humans right?"

They all say, "YES! we all end up at same place!"

"Good, now when they open our cages remember our drill. Cluck, and dive, peck and poo on their hands. Make way for that big green exit door! Got it?"

They all reply, "Yes Sir!"