Plans for the holidays.

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Senior Member
May 23, 2009
Good grief. The singles and holiday season is invaded by the Flat Earthers.

Speaking of which. A snow globe is clearly something every christmassy household should have. And what would be a better Christmaspresent than a snow globe representing the flat earth.

Oh. Wait. I guess the same people believing in a flat earth, also believe that Christmas is a Roman Catholic conspiracy to keep us all under their mind control. But wasn't it the Roman Catholics that defended the flat earth the longest? How do the conspiracy folks think about that?

My updated plans for the holidays:

Now THAT would be a good thread in the Conspiracy Forum... "Would a True Flat Earther Decorate With Snow Globes!?"

I'm pretty sure that to a Flat Earther, a snow GLOBE would be all-out heresy, and of the 3-dimensional kind.


Senior Member
Sep 21, 2016
That sounds so cool that you and your church are doing so much for the youth. I prefer Medival, as I am not into Star Wars, but that is only me.

My seven cakes and cookies may vary some, but here is a list of must have and optionals.

1. Serina kake
2. Krumkake
3. totenkringler
4. havreflarn
5. defliakake
6. risboller
7. kransekake (that one I am going to buy. The shop bought is better than mine....)

Totenkringler View attachment 176426

Kokosmakroner, havreflarn, serinakaker, krumkaker View attachment 176427

(These were from my own baking some years ago)

Delfia kake, not my own, but quite similar.
View attachment 176428

Kransekake. No Norwegian party without it View attachment 176429
If I could I'd be right there. I have a Mennonite heritage so baking is love. You are so cool


Senior Member
Sep 21, 2016
My grown up son and I will be heading to my mom's. My sisters and their families live near her so Christmas eve we all gather, go to church and open one gift afterwards, and then eat. In the morning they come back and we do presents. My sisters, in their 40s still show up in pjs and housecoats, with their families, and go screaming around the house asking if Santa came. It is an old joke that as long as you pretend you still get stockings full of stuff. We have fun filling each others stockings and some of the things are hysterical. After that we have brunch and then they head home and return for Christmas dinner. It is a crazy couple of days as mom and I have baked for three days beforehand but I treasure it.
I never raised my son with a belief in Santa but he got a stocking as a fun surprise. He still buries his head in shame at my sisters but it is all fun.
New Years is often something I avoid but even when I had someone it was no big deal so I do not feel I am missing out on anything.
Thanks for asking.