(Potentially) Profound Thoughts

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Senior Member
Aug 13, 2014
I have decided life is the most upside-down thing I've ever seen.

If you think you are somebody, you're really a nobody.

You can't get away from being a nobody until you realize you're not a somebody. ONLY when you realize you are a nobody, then God can start making you a somebody.

But if you realize you are a somebody and you get some pride about it, you're back to being a nobody again. You can only be a somebody when you ignore the fact that you are a somebody.

This seems contradictory, paradoxical and frustrating, but I have never seen it work any other way. This is just the way life works.
In a similar vein, I have noticed people only think they know a lot when they don't know a lot. The more you know, the more you realize just how much there is to know and how little you will ever be able to know. It's a safe bet that people who think they know everything don't know a thing at all. People who really do know a lot know they don't know much at all.