Question for the Men...... BEWARE, you may not answer.

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Daughter of the True King
Mar 28, 2018
1. What is your idea of “commitment” in regards to “serious relationships” and what is a “serious relationship” to you?

Any relationship involves commitment but marriage is the highest level of commitment.

2. Do you have specific “goals” or “preferences” that you want in a relationship?

I just want to love and feel loved. He can be mad at me or fight with me. The details don't matter as long as the point is clear.

3. What is your idea on promise rings, celibacy, or “waiting for the one”?

Don't mean much. Wedding ring is the lord of the rings. :D

4. Finally, are you the “dominate or passive type” in the relationship both emotionally and intimately?

I aim to be assertive in any relationship.
Thanks for sharing @Tinkerbell725 I agree, wedding band is the best band :)